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Using the Employee Import Sheet
Using the Employee Import Sheet

Read how you can mass import your employees and download the import spreadsheet!

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After watching the CRM training videos to understand how the Contacts module works, Aspire offers the ability to import your Employee Contacts through the Employee Import Spreadsheet.

Below, you can download the import sheet as well as read the instructions to fill out each field (which are also available in the import sheet).

  • If an employee has already been loaded into Aspire manually do not include them on this spreadsheet.

  • If you are an IPS client this sheet may not be required. Please reach out to your Inova representative.

  • When complete, email the spreadsheet to your Implementation Manager.

  • They will review the data and submit a ticket to AspireCare for the final import to your Aspire system.

Employee Import Sheet

To download:

If using Excel,

File → Download → Excel. Make sure to Save when filling out and when finished.

If using Google Sheets,

File → Make A Copy → Select Google Drive Space

Instructions for the Employee Import Sheet

Instructions (Tab 1)

Please follow the guidelines very carefully below when populating your Excel spreadsheet with your employee data to be uploaded into your Aspire system.

To Fill Out:

Instructions for how to fill out each field, including required fields, are above each column.

  • Do not remove or change any columns on this spreadsheet. If removed or changed, the data load will not work.

  • Do not press “ENTER” (carriage return) or “ALT+ENTER” (linefeed) anywhere in the spreadsheet. These will not be accepted by our system.

  • Do not skip or have blank rows.

  • Columns O-AE are hidden and do not apply to the Employee Import Sheet.

📌Note: Columns B, C , AF must be filled with data. Do not leave these cells empty.

Employee Import (Tab 2)

Enter your Employee data to be imported here.

A. Salutation: Enter a Salutation if desired. For example, Mr. Mrs. Jr. Dr.

B. Contact First: The contact's first name. This is a required field.

C. Contact Last: The contact's last name. This is a required field.

D. Contact Job Title: What is the employee's job title? Examples include Crew Leader, Account Manager, Operations Manager, Branch Manager.

E. Office Phone: If they have an office phone number, you can put it here. Use a "XXX-XXX-XXXX" format.

F. Home Phone: If they have a home phone number, you can put it here. Use a "XXX-XXX-XXXX" format.

G. Mobile Phone: If they have a home phone number, you can put it here. Use a "XXX-XXX-XXXX" format. If your company is setting up SMS notifications internally, this is the number that will be used.

H. Fax Phone: If they have a fax phone number, you can put it here.

I. Contact Email: An email is only required if the employee will be a crew leader for Aspire Mobile or logging into the full desktop version of Aspire. Not needed for crew members.

J. Company: Company the employee works for.

K. Contact Addr 1: Enter street location of contact's home or office.

L. Contact Addr 2: Enter additional address info if required. Example: Apartment or Suite Number

M. Contact City: The city the employee lives in.

N. Contact State: The state the contact lives in.

O. Contact Zip Code: The zip code the contact lives in.

AF. Contact Type: Employee or Sub can be selected for the contact. This is a required field.

AG. Employee Number: Usually provided by your payroll provider. Unique number to identify the employee.

AH. Employee PIN: Number used for employees to log in to Aspire Mobile. Recommended a minimum of 4 characters. Letters and numbers can be used. The pin number has to be unique to the employee and can't be used more than once.

AI. Pay Schedule: Enter one of the pay schedules currently setup in Admin > Manage Lists > Pay Schedule.

AJ. Pay Rate: The employees hourly pay rate. If job costing salaried employees is desired, the rate would be an hourly cost based on the annual salary.

AK. Burden %: Estimated labor burden of the employee. This is the estimated percent of base rate paid by the company. Examples include company paid insurance or vacation time. Percent can be zero but not greater than 100.

AL. Effective Date: for the employees current pay rate. Put this as the first day of the payroll period. Date should appear DD/MM/YYYY.

Examples (Tab 3)

Tab 3 is an example of how the employee import data in the final report should be formatted. Do not edit this sheet, use only for reference.

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