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Aspire Data and Compliance
Aspire Data and Compliance

Curious on how Aspire protects your data? Learn the safeguards that are in place to protect your companies' information so nothing is lost.

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Curious how Aspire protects your data? Read here to learn what Aspire uses to safeguard your company information in the event of a system failure and the backup protocols that are in currently in place.

Aspire and Microsoft Azure

Aspire stores production, confidential, and telemetry data in SQL databases within Microsoft Azure.

Production systems are implemented with high availability architecture across multiple virtual networks and database clustering. An automated backup system is configured to perform daily backups of the SQL production database.

ServiceTitan, Aspire's parent company, leverages an online data storage service to back up and securely store application code.

The production environment of Aspire resides within Azure. Azure provides Aspire and its customers with business continuity and disaster recovery. Aspire does not control the architecture of the Azure system.

Microsoft provides SOC2 attestations for Azure SQL Databases and other Azure services. Aspire has long-term database retention policies in place for production databases. Azure has a SOC2 report, available weekly to Aspire's development teams.

If a service or server crashes, Aspire's systems have auto-heal enabled, which assists with resolving unexpected behavior while our teams work to fix any issue that is identified.

Azure Backup Procedures

The information listed below is based on Microsoft Azure's backup procedure, which applies to Aspire systems.

  • A complete, real-time backup of Aspire data is kept in a different Azure region.

  • This data is up to date and is available to restore systems quickly in the event of an Azure region failure.

  • Daily offline backups are managed by Azure Backup Services. Aspire retains complete daily, weekly, and monthly backups of production systems. These backups are stored in different Azure regions separate from Aspire's core services.

  • The backup processes are important to Aspire's security and compliance protocols.

  • Point-in-time backups for production sites are available for 35 days.*

  • Weekly backups are available for 4 weeks.*

  • Monthly backups are available for 1 year.*

  • Yearly backups are available for 5 years.*

*These dates are subject to change, although ample notice would be provided if this is the case.

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