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Setting Up Site Audits in Administration
Setting Up Site Audits in Administration

This article reviews the permissions and configuration needed to start site audits at your company!

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In this article, we'll be talking about using Site Audits, specifically setting up Site Audits in Administration. Here, we will understand the concepts of building Site Audits and how to build them.

Understanding Site Audit Types and Categories

Site Audit Types

Site Audit Types are the different reasons or ways that your company may do inspections at a customer's job site. Reasons can include:

  • Checking the quality of a site based on a customer issue

  • Reviewing work done by a new hire as part of their training program

  • Pointing out additional issues on the property, beyond current services, as a way to upsell enhancements

They can also be split by types of work:

  • General Landscape

  • Irrigation Check

  • Install Inspection


Categories are the individual considerations that are scored within the overall site audit. For instance, if a Site Audit Type of General Landscape was created, then a few categories that could be audited are Turf, Shrubs, Hardscape, and Edging.

Bringing It Together

The relationship between Site Audit Types and Categories is shown below:

  • Site Audit Type

    • Category 1

    • Category 2

    • Category 3

    • Category 4

  • General Landscape

    • Turf

    • Shrubs

    • Hardscape

    • Edging

Training Video


  • 0:00 Introduction

  • 0:25 Checking User Role Permissions

  • 1:40 Setup in Configuration

  • 2:17 Setting Up Site Audit Types

  • 3:00 Setting Up Site Audit Categories

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