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Processing Purchase Receipts That Are Paid with a Credit Card For QuickBooks Online
Processing Purchase Receipts That Are Paid with a Credit Card For QuickBooks Online

If you need to pay a vendor for a purchase from QuickBooks Online, this article shows you how you would process this within Aspire!

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Some companies might pay for vendor material with a credit card. These types of payment entries still need to be recorded for your purchasing record in Aspire and also get into your QuickBooks Online account.

Creating a Purchase Receipt in Aspire

Entering credit card purchases in Aspire is necessary for accurate bookkeeping. To do this:

  • In the Quick Menu, click New Purchase.

  • Fill out your Purchase Receipt into Aspire for your vendor payment.

    • Enter CC to indicate that it was paid with a credit card on the Invoice # field. This will help you easily identify receipts paid with a Credit Card when synced with QBDT!

  • Approve the Purchase Receipt; this makes sure the Purchase Receipt syncs to QuickBooks Online.

📑To learn more about approving Purchase Receipts, please read Purchasing- Approving Purchase Receipts, here.

Processing the Purchase Receipts in QuickBooks Online

  • Find the bill that synced from Aspire by going to your Vendors and searching for that vendor.

  • On the line in QuickBooks, select Mark as paid in the drop down in the Action column.

  • When the window pops up to specify what account the bill was paid from, select the appropriate credit card account. 💳

  • Click Save.

  • When you download the transactions from the credit card company, the vendor bill will now match to the download.

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