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In Aspire

  1. Create a purchase receipt and follow your standard practice for entering purchase receipts.

  2. Receive purchase receipt when materials are received.

  3. When ready to approve the purchase receipt, add ‘CC’ for credit card, or short initials for the credit card, to let you know in QuickBooks that the bill was paid for with a credit card.

In QuickBooks

  1. Find the bill that synced from Aspire by going to your Vendors and searching for that vendor.

  2. On the line in QuickBooks, select Mark as paid in the drop down in the Action column.

  3. When the window pops up to specify what account the bill was paid from, select the appropriate credit card account. 💳

  4. Click Save.

  5. When you download the transactions from the credit card company, the vendor bill will now match to the download.

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