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Statement by Company Layout
Statement by Company Layout

A Statement Layout by Company helps display information from multiple Statements into one Statement for a single Company.

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Why Use a Statement by Company?

This layout is used to provide a customer with a single Statement per Company for Account Receivables.

📌Note: As long as the Company listed in Aspire is the same on each Property, then your Invoice Statement layout will display correctly.

This article covers the steps on how to use the Layout titled Statement by Company. If you do not see this report in your Receivable layouts from Aspire, you would first submit a Layout Request through AspireCare.


To understand if this is a layout your company might benefit from, let's review an example.

Your customer has maintenance contracts from three separate properties and the billing company is the same for each job. The property manager has requested a single statement is delivered to the billing contact, instead of three separate statements.

Aspire can help complete this request with a layout named: Statement by Company.

  • The Statement by Company layout groups each property, and then lists their receivables and payments.

    This is what this sample layout would look like:

Generating the Statement by Company Layout in Aspire

After the layout is created, you need to pick the receivable records that will be included in the statement to send to your customer. Please make sure that the information on your Properties is up to date.

  • Select Invoicing module from the blue menu sidebar.

  • Select the Receivables tab and then choose the checkbox next to the line items that need to be on your layout report.

  • If you need to refer to the specific receivables, we recommend to use an Advanced Search to filter the Company Name that will be used for this specific layout.

  • When printing or emailing your statement out of Aspire, the Statement by Company would need to be displayed as an option from the Report Layout drop down.

    ⚠️ If Invoice Statement by Company is not displayed on your dropdown list, please submit a Layout Request through AspireCare.

Items to Consider

🧠 There are a few things to consider when using this Layout:

  • The Statement by Company layouts cannot be emailed through Aspire.

    • If you try to email through Aspire, the system will generate separate Invoice Statements for each Property that was bulk selected.

    • The Statement by Company would need to be saved as a pdf and then attached to an email that is delivered to the billing contact.

  • This is a single-use layout.

    • If changes are required on an invoice, you will need to generate the Statement by Company layout again.

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