Custom New Hire Training Guide

If the role-based training paths aren't what you need, check out how to use our custom training path based on a new user's responsibilities!

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⚠️ This can only be used with Google Sheets. ⚠️

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If you are looking to build a custom training path for a new employee who will be taking on several different responsibilities across the organization, then build your own custom training guide! Otherwise, use our role-specific training guides for new hires.

Please read the instructions below on how to best use this Custom New Hire Training Guide.

How to Download

If using Google Sheets:

File → Make A Copy → Select Google Drive Space

How to Use the Custom New Hire Training Guide

To start building the custom training path for your new hire:

  • Go to the New Hire's Responsibilities tab (Tab 2) in the worksheet.

  • Each function relates to a section of our Knowledge Base and specific Aspire Module

  • For each function that is listed, check Yes or No for each responsibility the new employee will be performing.

  • When finished checking all the new hire's responsibilities, go to the Custom Training Guide tab (Tab 3).

  • You will now see a custom table created with training resources for each job function as shown below. This table is what the new hire will be using as their custom training guide. They can then select Yes for each resource they Complete when they have finished watching that video.

  • After the document is saved, you can then send or share this file to the new hire.

    • ⚠️ Must still be used in Google Sheets.

📌 Note: Each employee should receive their own training guide. For each new hire, you will want to copy our spreadsheet or copy the previous new hire's guide.

🧠 As new training content becomes available, we will be updating the Custom New Hire Training Guide. Make sure to come back to this article to download the most recent version.

Resources to Better Understand Roles and Permissions

If you are having trouble matching permissions to the new hire's responsibilities, review these articles!

🧠 Defining Role Permissions in Aspire: This article explains User Role Permissions which determine the level of access your team has in your Aspire system. Learn about the individual permissions that determine access to certain areas of Aspire along with detailed descriptions of each permission.

🧠 Aspire's Default Roles and Permissions Matrix: Since you can update the default roles or create new roles in Aspire, this matrix may be used as a template for your company to document the permissions assigned to your custom roles.

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