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  1. Purpose

  2. Timeline of the Migration

  3. How to Submit an Issue with the New Ticketing System

  4. How Do I Get Notified About Updates Related to My Issue?


Beginning on January 10, 2023, AspireCare will switch from utilizing chat for support issues to a portal-based and email ticketing system. Making this switch will help us provide better correspondence, clearer resolutions, and up-to-date ticket statuses for your submitted issues.

By moving to a portal-based ticketing system, AspireCare will be able to:

  • Provide Aspire users with better visibility of all tickets at once

  • Allow Aspire users to add others easily to an issue

  • Track issues across all companies, allowing us to identify system-wide issues quickly

⚠️ To ensure you receive our emails, be sure your IT whitelists with your email provider!

Timeline of the Migration

On January 10, 2023, all registered power users should receive an email inviting you to sign up for the portal using the email you log into Aspire with as shown below:

⚠️ If you do not receive one, please check your spam filter. If you do not see it in your inbox, email You must register to use the new support portal!

Once the invitation has been accepted, you will be able to interact with AspireCare through the resource center as it is today. You will also be able to navigate directly to the portal via the URL provided in the email. (Instructions below)

After January 10, 2023, the current support tab will remain open for one week as we begin the process to migrate existing issues over to the new portal based system. During this time, you will be able to continue existing chats but new chats will not be available.

After January 17, 2023, the old chat system will be shut down and issues will be migrated to the customer support portal where you will be able to continue the conversations!

How to Submit an Issue with the New Ticketing System

After you have received the email as a power user, and registered through the sign-up link, you can now submit tickets through the new system!

1. To access, click on the Resource Center. Then, click New Support. (This will change to Support after our previous system is shut down).

Other ways to access the new support portal:

2. Select the category of your issue.

  • I Need Help Using Aspire: Need help learning how to do something in Aspire? Select this option. For example, needing to know how to delete an invoice.

  • Technical Support: Use this option for things like needing to configure your accounting sync or needing to know why that invoice is calculating incorrectly.

  • Layout Request: Submit all layout requests here!

  • Licensing and Billing Questions: Have a question about your aspire bill or signing up for new services

  • Report an Issue: Tell us the problems you're experiencing in Aspire if functions are not working as expected.

3. After clicking the right category, you will be taken to a form. Fill out the available fields. A breakdown is shown below:

Summary: This is a short one line description of your issue to help identify the issue you submitted.

Description: This is where you submit all documentation about your issue including specifics.

Attachment: Need to show us a document or screenshot? Attach it here!

Zoom Call: This is not a required field. Need live assistance with your issue? Select yes for a zoom call to be scheduled.

Module: Select the module that your issue is occurring in. If it's happening in multiple modules, you can select the main module and add additional details in the description field.

4. Once finished, click Send. If you decide not to submit, you can leave the web page or click Cancel.

5. Your support ticket will look like the below.

Let's break down this screen:

  • Activity: This area (at the bottom) is where you will see your communication between AspireCare and yourself.

    💡 Tip: If you want to stay within your issue to see updates, you can refresh your browser to see the latest update to the ticket.

  • Statuses and definitions: The current stage the ticket is in. You will see past statuses of tickets as well.

    • New: Waiting for AspireCare Specialist to be assigned

    • In Progress: AspireCare currently working on Ticket

    • Waiting on Client Response: Awaiting Client Response

    • Escalated: Tech or Educational Tech is viewing this issue

    • Escalated to Development: Development team is reviewing the issue

    • Issue Corrected In Future Release: An issue has been identified and will be corrected in a future release.

    • Done: The issue has been completed and the case is closed

  • Shared With: This is where you can add additional people from your team to view and add comments.

How Do I Get Notified About Updates Related to My Issue?

You have two options: within the portal or by email.

1. The first option is to view your total requests within the portal by clicking Requests in the upper right corner.

You will be able to see all issues you have logged that are not resolved yet by AspireCare. Click the reference number (ACS-90) to view the ticket and current activity.

2. You will also get status and activity updates via email. You will have the ability to reply directly by email to update the issue!

If you would like to turn the email notifications off, click into the support, issue as shown in the first option, and click the Notifications On button to turn it off.

Then shown as:

Thanks for your partnership to make Aspire great! 🍃

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