As you are on Aspire, it will also be important to learn how to use Aspire with your accounting system. 🍎 This includes learning how the two systems will interact and understanding how to manage Aspire for a better End of Month process.

The courses offered are listed below related to Accounting, Inventory, and End of Month.

Accounting Training

  • Intro to Accounting in Aspire: This class will be an overview of Aspire including which accounting option you should use (SAS vs. SAAS), what transfers from Aspire to the Accounting System, how revenue and costs show in Aspire, how revenue and costs are entered into the accounting system.

    • Production and Accounting staff should attend this session.

  • Additional Accounting Training: In this session, you will learn how to create pivot reports, review A/R aging reports, create Miscellaneous Invoices, Credit Memos, Formulas, Custom Fields, and other general information in Aspire.

  • Over/Under Training: In this session we will review Over/Under: the difference between what has been earned and what has been Invoiced. This is a great report in Aspire. The goal of any company is to create an estimate, do the work (earn the revenue), and invoice the customer. Analyzing this report will ensure this has been done.

    • Both Production and Accounting staff will benefit from this Training Session. A Q&A session will be included in a different session. Make sure to also sign up for this as well.

  • Accounting and Production Q&A's: This is a great Q&A (Question & Answer) session for anyone with any Aspire production or accounting questions.

  • Inventory Training: In this class, you will learn the basics of how inventory works from start to finish. We will also touch on the do’s and don’ts of inventory in Aspire. You will also learn about less commonly known items such as Job Inventory, Conversions, Tank Mixtures and Misc. Dollar items.

    • This would be a great learning experience for your Purchasing Manager, Estimators, Accounting Personnel, etc.

    • Typical Agenda:

      • Item Catalog Review

      • Review Inventory in Aspire

      • How to Purchase to Inventory

      • Using Holding Accounts in Your Accounting System

      • How to Read the EOM Report Expense and Inventory Tabs

End of Month Training

  • End of Month Checklist Tasks #1 - #35: This is a review of the End of Month checklist from task #1 through task #35. This checklist should be followed throughout the month to review purchase receipts, work tickets, and Inventory to ensure all the information is accurate before closing a month.

    • Both Production and Accounting Staff would benefit from joining this class.

    • A Q&A session will be included in a different session. Make sure to also sign up for this.

  • End of Month Checklist Tasks #36 - #47 (⚠️ Separate for both SAS and SAAS): This class will walk you through setting up the journal entry export, entering the journal entry into the accounting system, and reconciling the Balance Sheet.

    • A Q&A session will be included in a different session. Make sure to also sign up for this as well.

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