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Taking Equipment Meter Readings in Aspire Mobile
Taking Equipment Meter Readings in Aspire Mobile

Learn how to record meter readings, all within Aspire Mobile!

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As part of managing equipment out in the field, crew leaders are responsible for tracking utilization. For equipment assets that are in active service on their route, crew leaders can record updated meter readings directly in Aspire Mobile.

Entering these meter readings as equipment is used provides valuable data. The office can monitor assets due for maintenance based on actual field usage rather than estimates. It also informs replacement timelines when usage limits are reached. Keeping accurate utilization logs with Aspire Mobile keeps all equipment data up to date.


✅In order to view the Equipment tab in the Equipment module of Aspire Desktop, you must have View Equipment added to your user role.

✅In order to see Equipment Meter Readings in Aspire Mobile, Equipment Reading Clock out Prompt must be set up under Time Reporting in Administration.

✅In order to use Equipment Meter Readings in Aspire Mobile, you must have Crew Leader added to your user role.

Setting Up Equipment Meter Readings in Administration

Before your Crew Leaders use the Equipment Meter Reading feature in Aspire Mobile, your Aspire system must be set up in Administration first.

  • To set up Equipment Meter Readings, navigate to your Profile Icon ➡️ Administration and then select Configuration.

  • Select the Time Reporting tab and click the Equipment Reading Clock Out Prompt drop down.

    • Choosing a time in this drop down tells Aspire Mobile when to display the Equipment Meter Reading screen to your crew leaders.

🧠You can set up Equipment Meter Reading screens to be displayed on certain days of the week, at the End of Day, or on a Per Job basis.

In our example, this company will set up Equipment Meter Readings to be displayed Per Job when a ticket is marked as Complete.

  • Once you have made your reading prompt selection, then save the Time Reporting screen. Then, you can move forward with Equipment Asset set up to work with Equipment Meter Reading in Aspire Mobile.

Assigning Equipment to Routes

Next, equipment needs to be assigned to the Route for your crew leader. A route can be assigned to an equipment asset on the Equipment tab in the Equipment module.

Only equipment assets that are assigned to the route of the crew leader will be displayed in Aspire’s mobile application.

📌Note: Any equipment item that uses GPS will not appear on the Equipment Meter Reading list because the GPS integration will automatically update those meter readings for your crew leaders.

  • To assign equipment to a route, navigate to the Equipment tab, and either select your piece of equipment from the list, or select New and create a new Equipment Asset.

  • In the blue Equipment Assignment box, assign the crew leader’s Route that needs to perform the Equipment Meter Reading.

In the example below, Camille’s Work Truck will need to have meter readings taken at the end of every job, so we have selected Camille’s Route on the Route drop down.

After saving your settings, the equipment assigned to this route will require a meter reading to be taken when Crew Leader Camille completes her work tickets!

Using Equipment Meter Readings in Aspire Mobile

Your crew leaders are now ready to use Equipment Meter Readings after you've configured your settings and assigned equipment to the correct routes.

In our example, Crew Leader Camille has a F350 truck for getting to her job sites. At the end of each job, she is required to record meter readings to have accurate data on the mileage of her vehicle.

Here’s an example of what the Equipment Meter Reading screen looks like for Crew Leader Camille after a ticket is marked as complete in Aspire Mobile.

Once Camille saves the Equipment Meter Reading, the ticket is marked as Complete and she can move on to the next job.

Viewing Equipment Meter Reading Log Reports

After Equipment Meter Readings are taken in the field, the data collected gets made into Reading Log reports.

You can use these reports to:

  • Create maintenance schedules

  • See records of high equipment usage

  • Track fleet mileage over time

With detailed and summarized logs you can have complete, customizable equipment insights.

Aspire has two ways to view equipment reading logs:

  1. In the Equipment Details: All reading entries listed here are for one piece of equipment. You can manually add entries here too.

2. In the Reading Logs tab in the Equipment module: When viewing this tab, you can filter and display entries for multiple assets and routes.

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