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Managing Assets Through the Equipment Module
Managing Assets Through the Equipment Module

After setting up your Aspire system for Equipment in Administration, it's now time to start managing the life cycle of your equipment!

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In today's video, we'll be talking about Equipment, specifically, managing assets on the equipment list!

After watching this video, you will:

  • Discover how to add assets into the Equipment module

  • Learn how to manage equipment assets that are in use

🧠 You Should Know:

Before diving into the video, consider the following:

The life cycle of an asset, whether being manually recreated in your system or bought new, will follow the same statuses:

Requested ➡️ Approved ➡️ Purchased ➡️ In Service ➡️ Disposed



1. Requested

When an equipment entry is initially created, it is placed in the Requested status. It will remain in the requested status until an authorized user approves it.

2. Approved

Once a piece of equipment has been approved by an authorized user, it moves to the Approved status.

3. Purchased

Once a piece of equipment has been approved by an authorized user, and the Purchased Date has been entered on the Info tab of the Equipment screen, the equipment will advance to the Purchased status.

4. In Service

Once approved, and the In Service Date has been entered, the equipment will advance to the In Service status. The equipment will remain in this status for its useful life.

This is the stage you will be able to update its tracking information such as meter reading entries and service event entries.

5. Disposed

When an asset can no longer be used or repaired, the equipment will advance to the Disposed status when Disposal Date has been entered.


  • 0:00 Introduction

  • 0:23 Requesting a New Equipment Asset (Requested Status)

  • 1:18 List Building: Reviewing Requested Equipment Assets

  • 1:45 Approving a New Equipment Asset (Approved Status)

  • 2:13 Purchasing the Equipment Asset (Purchased Status)

  • 2:25 Aspire GPS Identifier and Tracker Type

  • 2:52 Assigning the Equipment Asset to a Route

  • 3:19 Filling Out Additional Information

  • 3:35 Using Custom Fields on the Asset Record

  • 4:28 Marking the Equipment Asset As In Service (In Service Status)

  • 4:42 Updating the Meter Reading

  • 5:30 Adding a Service to the Asset Record

  • 6:17 List Building: Missing Meter Readings

  • 7:23 List Building: Assets with Upcoming License Renewals

  • 8:07 List Building: Assets with High Mileage

  • 8:37 Disposing of an Equipment Asset (Disposed Status)

  • 9:22 Deleting an Equipment Asset

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