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Snow Crew Mobile: Self-Performed
Snow Crew Mobile: Self-Performed

As you're clearing lots and plowing roads, we show you how to use Crew Mobile for the Snow season!

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In this training video, we'll be talking about Crew Mobile for Snow, specifically for crews performing work during snow season. As well, we discuss route settings that affect Crew Mobile functionality for snow.

In this video, you will:

  • Learn how to use Crew Mobile

  • Understand the differences in Crew Mobile between the green season and snow season

🧠 Concepts to Know Before Watching:


⚠️ For Crew Leaders and Crew Members: Watch from 2:14 to 7:53

  • 0:00 Introduction

  • 0:24 Schedule Board View of Snow Jobs

  • 0:48 Show New Ticket Button in Crew Mobile

  • 1:45 Allow Equipment Time Reporting

  • 2:06 Using Crew Mobile for Snow

  • 3:13 Why No Equipment Shows in Crew Mobile

  • 4:55 Using Equipment Time Reporting for Snow

  • 5:57 Adding Materials to a Job in Crew Mobile

  • 6:58 Creating a New Ticket in Crew Mobile for Snow

  • 8:00 Reviewing Equipment Time and Material Reporting

  • 8:39 Review

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