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Recording Purchases from the Field Using Crew Mobile
Recording Purchases from the Field Using Crew Mobile

Learn how field employees can purchase materials to complete a job!

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In certain situations, field employees may need to purchase materials outside the normal purchasing process to complete a job.

Your organization needs a way for crew leaders to communicate these purchases to management, who can then record them as purchase receipts for job costing.

One very effective way to accomplish this is to have crew leaders upload photographs of their receipts as Issues on the relevant Work Ticket, using the Crew Mobile application.

Issues created from Crew Mobile will automatically be assigned (and emailed) to:

  • The Property Account Owner,

  • Opportunity Operations Manager, and

  • Crew Leader’s Route Manager

One of those individuals will need to reference the attached photograph to generate a Purchase Receipt against the same Work Ticket, and then mark the Issue as “Complete.”


One of your System Administrators will need to create a new Issue Type, which will be used by your Crew Leaders when creating these Issues.

  1. Go to the Administration module.

  2. Select the Application tab at the top of the screen.

  3. Select the Lists subsection.

  4. From the Select a List drop down menu, select Issue List.

  5. Create a new Issue type by selecting the NEW icon:

  6. Specify the new Issue Type Name in English and Spanish (e.g. “Purchase from the field” / “Compra hecha del campo”)

  7. Save the new Issue type by selecting the SAVE icon:

Creating an Issue from Crew Mobile

  1. Log into the Crew Mobile App as a Crew Leader.

  2. Click the Schedule button (Not the Issues button).

  3. Click into the Work Ticket that should receive the job costs.

  4. Click into Open Issues

  5. Create a new Issue by selecting the New icon

  6. The New Issue screen will appear. Select “Purchase from the field” as the Issue type from the drop down menu.

  7. Add a photo of the receipt by selecting the image icon in the bottom right.

  8. Take a photo of the receipt using the device camera, and select Use Photo.

Once the photo is uploaded, the issue will be generated and an email will be sent to the Property Account Owner, Opportunity Operations Manager, and the Crew Leader’s Route Manager.

Creating a Purchase Receipt From the Photo

Whichever role is assigned to manage these issues, they will review the photo of the receipt taken from the field and generate a Purchase Receipt so the materials will be job-costed in Aspire.

For a more in-depth look at creating a purchase receipt from the Quick Menu, watch this video.

  1. Hover over the Quick Menu icon in the blue side panel

  2. Select New Purchase

  3. Enter all required fields according to your company's operating procedure.

  4. Click the Work Ticket Search icon to find the ticket tied to the purchase

  5. Find and select the Ticket to receive the job cost.

  6. Add all items from the field receipt, including Extra Costs (e.g. Sales Tax).

  7. Select the triple dot menu after entering all items and extra costs.

  8. Select Receive to put the receipt in Received status. This makes the costs accounted to the job on the correct date.

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