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All About the Idea Voting Portal

We love to hear from our customers, so let's learn about Aspire's Idea Portal!

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What is the Idea Portal?

At Aspire, we hear from our customers in a variety of ways for product feedback and ideas. The Idea Portal is another way for Aspire users to:

  • Share their opinion on customer-requested features by voting and commenting.

  • Submit their own ideas to improve Aspire products and functionality. This is often referred as an Enhancement Request.

💡 We suggest looking through already submitted Enhancement Requests or ideas first before submitting your own!

Who Has Access to the Idea Portal?

The Idea Portal is available to users who:

  • Have graduated from Implementation and

  • Have been identified as Company Sponsors.

If you do not have a company sponsor identified, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Company sponsors are typically assigned at graduation.

Where is the Idea Portal?

Company sponsors can access the Idea Portal through Aspire's Resource Center. By clicking the question mark, and then clicking Idea/Voting, you will be directed to a new tab into the portal.

I Submitted an Idea! Now What?

When an idea or enhancement request is submitted, it will be visible to the creator of the idea, only.

Aspire staff regularly reviews submissions, and if the idea is accepted, it will become available for all portal users to see and vote on to be considered for a future product release.

Other Frequently Asked Questions





As a power user who no longer has idea submission capability, how do I enter an idea?

Users that previously had the ability to submit ideas should communicate that idea to a Company Sponsor user.


How many Company Sponsor users does my company have?

Enterprise tier customers have 3 users. Corporate tier have 2 users. Growth tier customers have 1 user.


How do I add or change sponsors ?

Reach out to your CSM if any changes are needed.


Can a company in Implementation submit enhancements?

Companies in Implementation will not have access to the idea portal to submit Enhancement Requests. Company sponsors will be assigned at graduation.


When I submit an idea, will other users be able to vote on it?

Aspire staff will review the request to confirm it and make it available for others to vote on.


I previously submitted an idea that I don’t see available for everyone to vote on. Why?

Aspire staff will be reviewing all ideas that have previously been submitted, but it will take time before they are available to be voted on.


Can I vote for an idea more than once?

Each portal user can vote for any idea only one time, but they can vote for as many different ideas as they would like.


What happens to ideas with many votes?

The number of votes increases the chances of the Aspire Product Management staff in future releases.


How can I add my thoughts as a Sponsor to an idea submitted by someone else?

The portal allows for comments from the Aspire userbase. These comments can reflect the additions or changes you’d like to see from the original contribution.


Can Aspire staff vote on my behalf?

Yes. Aspire staff can perform a proxy vote on the users behalf.


I clicked on the Idea / Voting link but nothing happened. Is something wrong?

The Idea / Voting portal opens a new tab in your browser. It is possible that you have a pop-up blocker. (which you can change in the settings of your browser)

Idea Status Definitions

Depending where in the process an idea or enhancement request is, it will be assigned a specific status. Check the table below to see what each status means!

Status Name


Visible status

Assigned to

Needs Review

An idea has been submitted by a user but is not visible to anyone else until Aspire staff have reviewed it.



Follow-up Needed

An idea that has been submitted and reviewed, but requires further information/input from the submitter.



Waiting on Client

The idea requires additional input from the client before it can be made visible to others.


Service Operations


Aspire staff have confirmed the details of the request add value and should be visible to all with access to the portal.



Accepted (formerly Approved)

The idea has been ok’d to enter consideration by Aspire Product Management.



Future Consideration

The idea is ready to be assigned to a release.



Already Exists

The idea is a duplicate of another idea already cataloged in the system.



Will not Implement

The idea will not make it into a future release.




The idea has been promoted to a feature and is being considered for development and release




The idea has been implemented into an available release or will be part of the next release.



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