Copying An Existing User Role

Read this article to find out how to copy an existing user role and then adjust permissions.

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You have the ability to copy existing user roles, change them, and save them using the Save As function.


  1. To get to User Roles , click on your profile icon in the bottom left corner.

  2. Click Administration.

  3. Then, click User Management then User Roles.

Copying a New Role

For this example, your team has just hired a junior estimator! Since they are still learning the system, you don't want them to have all of the permissions that the Account Manager Role has. Instead, you'll create a new user role.

  1. Select the User Role that most closely aligns with the new role you want the employee to have. In this case, we'll select Account Manager.

  2. Click Expand All to double-check the role permissions are close to what you want to copy.

  3. Once permissions are reviewed, use the triple dot menu in the upper right and click Save As.

  4. This will create a clone of the role as shown below.

  5. In the Role Name field, change the name of the cloned role. In this case, we'll type Junior Estimator.

    ⚠️ Don't use the Role field to change the Role Name. This will not save your new role! Only use the Role Name field.

  6. Change the Role Hierarchy Value to the needed value between and including 1 to 999.

    We'll change the value to a higher value: 60. The role hierarchy value specifies an authority level relative to other system users to determine authority for:

    1. Approving completed work tickets

    2. Approving proposals

  7. Click on Expand All or on the specific grouping's dropdown to change permissions.

    In this example, we'll click the dropdown on the Estimates grouping and deselect every permission besides Edit Estimate Templates and Edit Serv. Invoice Type on Fixed Price Billing.

    We'll also change the maximum percentages from 100% ➡️ 20%.

  8. Once permissions have been added or removed for the new role, click Save in the upper right.

  9. You'll now see your newly created role in the Role field drop down.

    You can give this role to your new user in the Users section.

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