The new Administration user interface (U/I) has undergone tremendous upgrades and enhancements to improve the user experience of Aspire's system administrators! While most of the same functionality has carried over in the new Administration module, this article will go over the major changes to the Administration module.

  • All of the user interface screens have been updated

  • Some sections and sub-sections have been moved or renamed.

  • New sections have been added.

  • Some sections have been removed.

Table of Contents

  1. Comparing the Old and New User Interface (U/I)

  2. The New U/I Structure

    1. What Applications Have Moved?

    2. What Applications Are New?

    3. What Applications Are Renamed?

    4. What Applications Have Been Removed?

  3. U/I Function Changes

  4. Quick Reference Guide of Old U/I Icons❗

  5. Using the Favorites Tab 🌟

    1. Favoriting a Sub-section

    2. Unfavoriting a Sub-section

🧠 Comparing the Old and New User Interface (U/I)

The new Administration menu is displayed as horizontal tabs across the top instead of a display of icons in specific groups.

As you can see, the old U/I was icon-based while the new U/I is word-based. For example, the Estimating section had the money bag icon (πŸ’°). Clicking this icon (πŸ’°) meant you were going to Pricing.

The new U/I will have you click on the Estimating tab and then click Pricing Mark-Ups (formerly Pricing).

An example of the functionality relationship is shown below:

Each section is now its own tab, with subsections available once you have clicked the needed tab. The tabs across the top are in alphabetical order (besides Favorites). The subsections within each tab are also in alphabetical order (besides Equipment).

Next, we'll show the structure of the new U/I!

🌟 New U/I Structure

In the previous section, you saw that subsections are housed in the tabs across the top of the screen. Here is the full list of Tabs and related subsections starting from left to right:



Favorites Tab

  • Your favorited sub-sections will show here!

Application Tab

  • Advanced Search Formula

  • API

  • Required Fields

  • Budget

  • Custom Forms

  • Import Contacts and Properties

  • Lists

  • Report Layout Defaults

Equipment Tab

  • Manufacturers

  • Sizes

  • Classes

  • Models

  • Service Tags

  • Disposal Reasons

Estimating Tab

  • Estimate Custom Columns

  • General Conditions Templates

  • Item Catalog

  • Opportunity Templates

  • Optional Service Tools

  • Pricing Mark-Ups

  • Service Catalog

  • Workflows

Notifications Tab

  • Notifications Settings

  • Manage Notifications

Organization Tab

  • Branches

  • Regions

  • Districts

Site Audit Tab (formerly CRM)

  • Categories

  • Report Types

User Management Tab

  • Devices

  • User Roles

  • Users

Configuration Tab

(In upper right corner)

  • Accounting Sync

  • Application

  • Aspire GPS Integration

  • Company

  • Customer portal

  • Electronic Payments

  • Electronic Signature

  • Invoicing

  • Time Reporting

Below, we'll show you what applications have moved, are new, have been renamed, or have been removed

πŸ“Œ Click on pictures below to be taken to specific new parts of Administration! πŸ“Œ

What Applications Have Moved?

  1. Inventory has moved to a tab on the Purchasing Module.

  2. Manage Routes has moved to the Scheduling Module. It is named Manage Routes in the three dot menu.

  3. Forms has moved to the Application Tab and is renamed Custom Forms.

  4. Devices, User Roles, and Users has moved from the old Application grouping to the new tab of User Management.

  5. The Application section that previously existed in the Evolution Administration menu is now the Application tab.

    1. API, Required Fields, and Web Report Designer have moved under the Application tab.

  6. The Notifications section has moved to its own new tab.

What Applications are New?

  1. User Management is a new tab that contains 3 subsections, previously from the Application section in the old Administration. These are:

    1. Devices

    2. User Roles

    3. Users

  2. Notifications is a new tab created from the Evolution Administration Subsection.

What Applications Are Renamed?

  1. The CRM tab is now renamed to Site Audit. It contains:

    1. Categories

    2. Report Types

  2. Forms has moved to the Application tab and renamed Custom Forms.

  3. The old Application Configuration module (✏️) is now called Configuration.


  4. Pricing (πŸ’°) has now been renamed Pricing Mark-Ups.

What Applications Have Been Removed?

  1. The Evolution Administration menu is removed. The Application and Notifications sections are new tabs.

  2. The Scheduling group in the old U/I has been removed.

    1. Therefore, Routes has been moved to the Scheduling module.

    2. And Forms has been moved to Application tab in Administration and renamed Custom Forms.

  3. The Purchasing group in the old U/I has been removed.

    1. Therefore, Inventory has been moved to the Purchasing Module

U/I Function Changes

While the functionality of the new Administration is very similar, there are visual differences on how these buttons will look from the old U/I.

Below is a table comparing the look of old elements with the ones that have an updated appearance.

Function Name


Old Appearance

New Appearance

Activate or Enable

Use this toggle button to activate and deactivate or enable and disable functions and items from the details screen.


Active or Inactive status

Mark the status of an item(s) as active or inactive from the search list screen


Advanced Search

Curate and manage information to display using advanced search functions (filter, display, sort, and group).


Confirmation Dialog Box


More Menu/ Triple Dot Menu

Reveal the current options to Save As, My Default, Reset Advanced Search, Print Screen, and Export to Excel.

You will also see the additional options to Delete List, Export to Excel(Current View), and Export to Excel (All Fields).



Add a new subject from the search list or details screen.



Retain changes made on the search list and detail screens.



Conduct a quick search on a search list screen.


πŸ”Ž Quick Reference of Old U/I Icons

Since most users will be used to the old U/I's icons, we want to provide a quick reference list of the icons, their new name, and where they will be located. This reference list is in order as they appear in the old U/I from top to bottom and left to right.

See the green arrows below for the order of icons listed:

Quick Reference of Old U/I Icons

Old Application Icon

New Name

Location Found



User Management



User Management


Administration: Application Tab

User Roles


User Management

Report Layout Defaults

Administration: Application Tab

Advanced Search Formulas

Administration: Application Tab

Import Contacts and Properties

Administration: Application Tab

Service Catalog

Estimating Tab

Item Catalog

Estimating Tab


Estimating Tab

Optional Service Tool

Estimating Tab

Pricing Mark-Ups

Estimating Tab

Opportunity Templates

Estimating Tab


Administration: Application Tab

Estimate Custom Columns

Estimating Tab

General Conditions Templates

Estimating Tab


Inventory Tab


Equipment Tab


Equipment Tab


Equipment Tab


Equipment Tab

Service Tags

Equipment Tab

Disposal Reasons

Equipment Tab


Site Audit Tab

Report Types

Site Audit Tab

Manage Routes

Scheduling Module:

On Schedule Board tab, click three dot menu in upper right and select Manage Routes

Custom Forms

Administration: Application Tab


Administration: Organization Tab


Administration: Organization Tab


Administration: Organization Tab



Using the Favorites Tab 🌟

There is now a new Favorites section in the new Administration. This section allows you, as a system administrator, to readily access applications that you use often by starring the section. The Favorites tab then becomes a quick list of applications you can access more easily than searching in the tabs.

What you should know:

🌟 When navigating to the Administration menu, the Favorites section appears first by default if favorite applications have been starred.

🌟 As a system administrator, you can favorite up to 10 sub-sections from sections within the Administration menu.

🌟 A yellow star in the upper right corner indicates that the sub-section is favorited, and a clear star indicates that it is not favorited.


Not Favorited

🌟 Only sub-sections that appear in the navigation bar of the Administration menu can be favorited as shown below.

Favoriting a Sub-Section

To favorite a subsection, click on the Star icon in the right corner of your screen.

Any sub-section that is favorited will appear in the Favorites section in the order of when it was starred.

πŸ“Œ If you want to change the order of your favorites section, you will need to un-star and re-star applications in the order of your choosing.

Unfavoriting a Sub-Section

To un-favorite a sub-section, click on the star icon again when you are in that sub-section. This can be done from the Favorites tab or the specific application's tab.

It will be removed from your favorites list in the Favorite section. If favoriting it again, the application will be moved to the end of the Favorites row.

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