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Watching Training Videos with Spanish Subtitles
Watching Training Videos with Spanish Subtitles

This article shows you how to turn on Spanish subtitles for our training video content!

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If employees within your company are English as a Second Language (ESL), show them the following steps to get our training videos with Spanish subtitles.

  1. Click on a training video within the Knowledge Base.

    2. As the video starts to play, the bottom of the video will show the controls menu. Click the Closed Captions icon.

    3. After Closed Captions are turned on, click the gear icon ⚙️ right next to it!

    4. Then click Subtitles/CC.

    5. Click Auto-translate

    6. A new pop-up will appear on the video. Scroll down until you find Spanish and click on it.

7. Press the Play button on the video and the captions will start to be in Spanish as shown below.

📌 Note: For best visibility with the content of the video, click the square to expand your screen to full screen as shown below.

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