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Using the Aspire Integration with Azuga GPS
Using the Aspire Integration with Azuga GPS

Learn how to set up and start using the Azuga integration with the Equipment module!

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Azuga Integration Features

The Azuga integration will provide features such as:

  1. The Route Replay option available for a route/day on the Schedule Board for routes having a vehicle with a GPS tracker assigned. Selecting this option allows you to display a map with breadcrumbs, showing the path traveled by the associated vehicle and allowing the path to be replayed from Azuga.

  2. When driving events occur, Azuga provides the ability to generate an alert or to enable vehicle cameras to record activities in the vehicle. When these events occur, they are shown on the Schedule Board, and the Show Alerts option provides the ability to review them.

  3. Azuga generates a driving score based on the driving events that occur. Aspire makes the driver scorecard available from the Contact screen.

  4. The Equipment Location option can display the location of the primary vehicles.

  5. Show the amount of time a vehicle spends at a location can be reviewed in the GPS Stops column in Time Entry.

Configuration and Setup

Training Video


0:00 Introduction

0:08 Requirements

0:46 Topics Covered

1:02 Admin Setup

2:19 Equipment and Route Setup

Supporting Help Documents

Features and Workflow

Training Video


0:00 Introduction

0:09 Topics Covered

0:29 Geofences

1:48 GPS Stop Times

2:26 Equipment Location

2:52 Route Replay

2:28 Alerts

4:37 Driver Scorecard

Supporting Help Documents

FleetSharp to Azuga Migration

If you are currently using the FleetSharp integration and moving to Azuga, please click the article here to get started!

Equipment Import Sheet

Looking for the equipment import sheet to get started? Click here to be taken to the article that has the Equipment Import Sheet along with instructions.

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