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Using Electronic Signatures for Proposals
Using Electronic Signatures for Proposals

Aspire allows your customers to electronically sign proposals that your sales team sends!

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Using Aspire's Electronic Signature for proposals can make customers approving your bids seamless. In this article, we'll show you:

  • How to set up the Electronic Signature function!

  • How to send proposals to customers with the Electronic Signature function

  • How your customers will sign proposals using the Electronic Signature function!

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To make electronic signatures available, the System Administrator must activate it on the Electronic Signature subsection on the Configuration tab.

  1. Click on your Profile Icon in the bottom left.

  2. Then, click Administration.

  3. At the Administration screen, click Configuration in the upper right.

  4. Now at Configuration, click the Electronic Signature tab

Electronic Signature Fields and Functions

After clicking the Electronic Signature tab, you will arrive at the below screen:

The table describes the fields and functions available on the Electronic Signature tab that will help you in setting it up.

We'll be starting at the top of the screen and working our way down!



Enable Electronic Signatures

Checking this checkbox enables electronic signature within the system.

Once checked, Aspire adds a checkbox to the Bulk Email Opportunity Proposal screen which is available from the Bulk Actions menu on the Opportunities Search List screen.

Job Number Description

When the customer clicks on the link in the proposal email to start their electronic signature, they will be taken in their chosen browser to a login window where they must enter their email address and the job number.

The value of this field determines how the job number field will be labeled for customers on that login screen.

Electronic Link Description

This field will replace the token [Electronic Signature Link] in the email that goes along with the proposal to the customer.


In the email received by the customer, this string will appear as a hyperlink. When they click it, it will start the signature process.

Email Subject

The default subject line for the Electronic Signature email that goes along with the proposals sent to the customer

Example: Proposal for your review [OpportunityNumber] [OpportunityName]

This field supports expandable tokens which are described in the Aspire User Guide.

Sales Rep Email Subject

The subject of the email that is sent to the Sales Rep responsible for the opportunity when the customer uses the electronic signature on the proposal.

Example: Accepted proposal #[OpportunityNumber] [OpportunityName] for [PropertyName]

This field supports expandable tokens which are described in the Aspire User Guide.

Email Body

The default body for the email that will be sent with proposals for customers to use electronic signature.


Hello [PrimaryContactFirstName],

Attached is a proposal for your review. If you accept the services outlined, please sign by clicking on the link. [ElectronicSignatureLink]. If you would like to make changes, please contact our office. Job #[OpportunityNumber]

Thank you!

This field supports expandable tokens which are described in the Aspire User Guide.

Sales Rep Email Body

Specifies the body of the email that is sent to the Sales Rep on the opportunity when the customer completes their electronic signature on the proposal.

Your proposal #[OpportunityNumber] has been signed. Please win the opportunity!

This field supports expandable tokens which are described in the Aspire User Guide.

Confirmation Message

You may have to scroll down on your screen to view this field. This message is displayed to customers when they have electronically signed the proposal.


Thank you for your acceptance of your project - we will be following up shortly.

Sending Proposals for Electronic Signature

Proposals can be emailed to customers from the Email Opportunity Proposal screen. This screen can be accessed as follows:

Bulk Action

1. Select the Opportunities module ( 🏆 ) in the left, blue side menu. Next, select opportunities for which proposals should be sent with the left-hand checkboxes. Then, click Bulk Actions and choose the Email option.


2. From the specific Opportunity, select the three dot menu, and then select the Email Proposal option.

The Bulk Email or Email Opportunity Proposal screen is shown below:

If the electronic signature capability is active, then:

  1. The Enable Electronic Signature checkbox will be checked.

  2. The Subject field will be populated based on values in the Electronic Signature tab of the Application Configuration screen.

  3. The Message field will be populated based on values in the Electronic Signature tab of Configuration in Administration.

  4. Check that the opportunity number is included in the email. This is because, if electronic signatures are enabled, this information is necessary for the customer to log in for electronic signature creation.

📌 Note: A proposal preview is attached to the email, with a job number, but it helps to add this information into the subject line or message body of the email.

After reviewing all the information, click Send.

The email(s) will be generated and the tokens will be replaced with the actual values for each check marked opportunity. As well, each email will be sent to its recipient – usually the primary contact for the property.

The Customer's Electronic Signature Experience

The customer will receive an email, like the one shown below, which is based on the template provided.

When the customer clicks on the signature link (a), they will be taken in their default browser to a login page provided by Aspire.

The customer will log in by entering their email address (the one to which the proposal was sent) and the job number that's on the email subject line, in the proposal preview attachement or in the proposal email body.

When they log in, Aspire will display a page showing the proposal and providing a Sign Proposal button (b) that they can click to sign. They can click the Exit button to leave the page without signing if they choose.

Clicking Sign Proposal will display the Contact Signature screen. This will allow clients to use their mouse, or finger/stylus on a touch-sensitive device, to sign their name and save their signature. If the customer has electronically signed another proposal previously, their signature will be displayed for them to accept.

Then, click Save.

Notification of Customer Signature

When the customer has signed the proposal, Aspire will send an email to the Sales Rep that was on the opportunity.

For opportunities that have been electronically signed – the View Signature icon is displayed on the Opportunity next to the Status field.

When hovering their cursor over the icon, Aspire will display the electronic signature for the Sales Rep to verify.

Once the signature is verified, the Sales Rep must mark the opportunity as Won since the opportunity status is still in Delivered status.

📌 Note: If the sales rep or another employee resets the opportunity to Bidding status, the Electronic Signature is removed from the proposal, and the customer would have to sign the opportunity again once it has been resent.

The work tickets will now be created for the services that were bid on the opportunity!

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