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Using Weathermatic's SmartLink Integration
Using Weathermatic's SmartLink Integration

Learn what the Weathermatic Integration can do for your business!

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What Does the Weathermatic Integration Do?

When using both Aspire and Weathermatic's SmartLink, you can perform an irrigation inspection, and then, with the information from the inspection, it can be exported from SmartLink into an estimate in Aspire.

To see an overview of the integration, click here.

Setting It Up In Administration

If you would like to use the Weathermatic integration, you'll need to have:

  • A company account with Weathermatic's SmartLink

  • Access to the Administration module in Aspire (for the Administration section only)

Before using the Weathermatic Integration, you'll need to make sure that it's enabled in the Administration Module.

To do this:

  1. Go to Settings in the blue side menu.

  2. Click Administration.

  3. Next, click Configuration in the upper right corner.

  4. Select Application.

  5. Check the box as shown below called Enable Weathermatic Integration

Once the Weathermatic Integration option is enabled, Aspire makes Weathermatic available from Properties and Aspire's mobile app.

Importing Aspire Item Names and Service Names into SmartLink

To Download:

If using Excel,

Click the button below to download a copy of the SmartLink Import Sheet.

Select File ▶️ Download ▶️ Excel. Make sure to Save when filling out and when finished.

If using Google Sheets,

Click the button below to make a copy of the SmartLink Import Sheet..

  • You will be prompted to sign in to your Google account.

  • Once you are signed in, you will be prompted to Copy Document. Select Make a Copy and the SmartLink Import Sheet will open in Google Sheets.

  • Edit as needed.

Filling Out the Import Sheet

In order for the integration to work for estimating, the Item Names and Service Names used in both SmartLink and Aspire must be the same. This means you will need to import the needed irrigation Item Names and Service Names with the below import sheet.

To learn how to fill the import sheet out, watch this short training video by Weathermatic's Jared Rice.

Uploading the Import Sheet Into SmartLink

Once the import sheet is filled out, in SmartLink:

  1. Click Proposals

  2. Click Proposal Details

  3. Click this file field

  4. Choose your catalog import file

  5. Click Begin Import

A Success banner will appear at the top of the page once imported.

⚠️ If you exceed 200 items, you will need to perform multiple imports. All import help and functionality questions should be directed to the SmartLink team.

Linking the Property to SmartLink in Properties

  1. Navigate to the Properties module and select your property. From the Property's Detail Screen, select the triple dot menu and then select Weathermatic SmartLink.

  2. When clicked for the first time on a property, Aspire will navigate to the SmartLink Weathermatic website. You'll see this login screen:

    📌 Note: Each employee that would use the Weathermatic SmartLink integration will need to know your company's Weathermatic login information.

  3. Once logged in, Weathermatic will detect the geolocation of the selected property. The Weathermatic website will display a list of all properties within one mile of the specified location as shown below.

  4. You will select one of the sites from the list. That site will be tied back to the Aspire property. If you've selected an incorrect property, please go here.

  5. Now that the property is linked, selecting the Weathermatic SmartLink in Aspire will go directly to the management screen for the property in SmartLink. The Weathermatic Property Management screen will then be displayed as shown below.

Linking the Property to SmartLink In Aspire Mobile

To do this in Aspire Mobile, click the Weathermatic icon in the Work Ticket screen at the bottom of the work ticket window. Follow steps 2, 3, and 4 as listed above.

Once you have linked it once, it will be linked once you click the Weathermatic icon again in Aspire Mobile.

Workflow of the Weathermatic Integration

📌 Note: Please contact the Weathermatic team for any questions related to SmartLink!

Training Video


  1. Once the property in Aspire is linked to Weathermatic's Smartlink, start an Irrigation Inspection in SmartLink.

  2. Once finished with the inspection, select the Export button in the upper right corner in SmartLink and select XLSX underneath the heading Aspire Export. This will download as an Excel file to your local device.

  3. Navigate back to your opportunity in the Opportunities module and click the triple dot menu. Select Create Estimate.

  4. A new estimate will be created. In the triple dot menu, click Import.

  5. A new pop-window will appear. Select Upload Files and then select your exported file on your local device.

  6. The Estimate Items and Prices will auto populate into the Estimate.

  7. The customer can then be sent the inspection and proposal/invoice for the work that was completed.

Clearing the Aspire Property's Weathermatic Link

If an employee accidentally ties an Aspire property with the wrong Weathermatic site, they can clear the link by logging into Weathermatic and performing the following steps:

  1. Go to the site that the wrong Aspire property is associated with

  2. Click the Admin menu

  3. Select the Site Details option

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Site Details screen

  5. Click the Clear Aspire ID button

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