If your company is using Acumatica for payroll and accounting, this procedure will help you sync Aspire to Acumatica. This will make sure that Acumatica is updated with the transactions that take place in Aspire.

⚠️ Without successfully syncing, Acumatica may not be up-to-date and/or users will be duplicating work.

Table of Contents

Setup Accounts in the Chart of Accounts

  • Checking Account (Account Type - Bank Account)

  • Accounts Receivable (Account Type - Accounts Receivable)

  • Accounts Payable (Account Type – Accounts Payable)

  • Inventory Holding – Materials (Account Type - Other Current Asset)

  • Inventory Holding – Equipment (Account Type - Other Current Asset)

  • Inventory Holding – Sub Contractor (Account Type – Other Current Asset)

  • Inventory Holding – Other (Account Type – Other Current Asset

Additional accounts needed in Acumatica:

❗ This is not for the sync but will need to be added before creating the first payroll from Aspire to Acumatica and before doing the journal entries from the End of Month reports:

  • Earned Revenue greater than Invoiced (Account Type – Other Asset) Invoiced

  • Revenue greater than Earned (Account Type – Other Current Liability) Accrued

  • Payroll Holding Account (Account Type – Other Current Liability) Accrued Payroll

  • Holding Burden Account (Account Type – Other Current Liability)

Other Setup in Acumatica

  • Create a customer called "Aspire System"

  • Clean up the vendor list

    • Inactivate any that you do not use. All the active vendors will go to Aspire, so you want to be sure the vendors are all currently used are active vendors. Aspire will pull the vendor from Acumatica as the Company Name field.

Setup System in Aspire

  • Go to the Administration module – Click settings in the lower left, then click administration.

  • Click on the pencil in the top right corner.

  • Click on the Accounting Sync tab.

  • Click the arrow to the right of ‘Integrate with External Accounting at System Level’. Choose ‘Acumatica’. Save at the bottom right.

  • Setup Web Service Address, User ID, Password – This information you will obtain from your Acumatica provider.

Setup Accounts in Aspire

  • AP Account (Accounts Payable Aging Account from Acumatica)

  • A/R Account (Accounts Receivable Aging Account from Acumatica)

  • Deposit Account (Checking account in Acumatica)

  • Materials Account (Inventory Holding-Materials account in Acumatica)

  • Equipment Account (Inventory Holding-Equipment account in Acumatica)

  • Sub Account (Inventory Holding-Sub account in Acumatica)

  • Other Account (Inventory Holding-Other account in Acumatica)

  • Purchase Tax Account – Leave this blank

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