Along with the new features Route Optimization, Auditing, Crew Mobile crew member Clock In/Out, Time Review and Attestation, and Opportunity Security, we’ve improved the Aspire platform in the following areas:

Contacts, Opportunities, and Properties improvements

· On the Contact, Opportunity and Property details screens, tags with more than 12 characters will now fully display in the cell for improved readability, and users will now be able to delete them

Estimating improvements

· Users can now promptly navigate to the home screen from an estimate containing more than 40 services

· On the Estimate Summary screen, the Net Profit calculation is now displaying correctly for services where the markup is blank

· The Payment Schedule dialog header has been updated from “Fixed Price on Payment” to "Fixed Price on Payment Schedule"

Invoicing improvements

· In Receivables, tokens now expand correctly when selecting Email Invoice Statements from the bulk actions menu

· After creating a contract change order with services for multiple divisions, invoice allocations per division are now generating correctly

Purchasing improvements

· On the Purchase Receipt screen, users can now enter partial numbers (e.g., 0.25, 0.50) into the Extra Costs field

Scheduling improvements

· On the Route Scheduling screen, when a user selects two As Needed services, the map will now display a refocused map with both locations shown, rather than remaining on the initial property

Systemwide improvements

· Aspire now supports resizing table columns that have been inserted into the text editor

· Users can now copy and paste text into the Email Signature Rich Text Editor without experiencing any delays

We hope that in addition to the new features in the December release, these improvements above allow you and your teams to navigate Aspire more easily.

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