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How an API will improve Aspire user experience
How an API will improve Aspire user experience
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How a new API will improve the Aspire user experience

There are many of acronyms that the landscape industry uses—P&L, T&M, CRM, KPI, and more. API, or application programming interface, might not be one you’re familiar with, but it matters when it comes to the software that powers your landscape business.

Here’s a quick primer on APIs and a look at how Aspire is changing its API to bring more value to enterprise-level companies.

What is an API and how is it used?

Simply put, an API is what allows software solutions to communicate and integrate with one another and share data for reporting and analysis.

We know you use Aspire to run most if not all your business processes, but there could be additional functionality the platform doesn’t provide. In that case, the API would help you integrate a third-party tool with Aspire. For example, it can give you the ability to better integrate with accounting systems we don't offer a native integration for.

The new API can also help your team create key performance indicator (KPI) reports outside of the Aspire platform. This could include rebuilding a P&L report to capture overhead costs at the branch or division level or breaking down the report in ways that Aspire isn’t structured to.

How is Aspire changing its API? What does this mean for me?

Aspire is moving to a more streamlined API that is easier to integrate with other software solutions. The state-of-the-art API will allow your developer team access to build solutions that work better with Aspire and allow them to build these solutions faster.

What technical specs can I pass on to my developer team?

The new API uses a REST-based, JSON architecture. We’ve provided the Swagger technical documentation here for your reference:

How can my company start using the new API?

The API is now available for select customers. To learn more about the expanded API and how you can begin to use it, reach out to AspireCare through the Resource Center.

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