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613: Invoicing - Creating Miscellaneous Invoices
613: Invoicing - Creating Miscellaneous Invoices

You can use Miscellaneous Invoices for bounced or NSF checks, cleaning up A/R, convenience fees, late fees, or refunding customers!

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In the below video, we review miscellaneous invoices within the Invoicing module!

In this video you'll:

  • Learn what miscellaneous invoices are

  • Learn situations they are used for

  • Learn how to create miscellaneous invoices in Aspire


  • 0:00 Introduction

  • 0:24 What is a Miscellaneous Invoice?

  • 0:45 When To Use Miscellaneous Invoices

    • Such as: Bounced or NSF Checks, Clean Up A/R, Convenience Fee, Late Fees, Refund Customer, or Miscellaneous

  • 1:05 Creating Miscellaneous Invoices

  • 3:34 Invoice Batches: Editing, Deleting, Processing

  • 4:08 Miscellaneous Invoice Reasons

  • 5:08 Review

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