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111: Contacts- How To Import Your Contacts
111: Contacts- How To Import Your Contacts
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In this video, we will show how to mass import contacts into your Aspire system!

In this video, you'll:

  • Learn where to find the contacts import

  • Learn how to download and edit the contacts template

  • Learn how to import contacts into Aspire


  • 0:00 Introduction

  • 0:29 How to Navigate to the Import

  • 1:45 Import Tips

  • 3:03 How to Fill out the Contacts Import Spreadsheet

  • 6:07 How to Import Your Contacts

  • 6:34 Fixing Errors in the Import

  • 7:18 Review

Training Video

For more information, please refer to our Contacts and Property Import Field Definitions article.

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