AspireCare Improving

In our efforts to provide our highest level of support effective, September 2, 2021, AspireCare will discontinue the use of an inbound phone-call system for support. There are a number of reasons for this change, which we would like to communicate clearly to our clients, which can be broken down into three main points.

First, we believe that this change is going to enable AspireCare to better fulfill our mission to support our clients through a train-the-trainer approach. Every client company who is deployed in Aspire are able to assign power users within their company who have access to the wealth of resources provided by AspireCare, so they can in turn support the users within their organization. We believe this approach is beneficial to all our clients, as it empowers their power users to serve as the central hub of Aspire-related information within their company. When all questions go through them, they are able to see the big-picture of how their organization can best utilize this powerful tool, but also understand when things are not working (and quickly discern whether this is due to a glitch in the designed functionality, or an issue of user error). Additionally, this prevents the likelihood of miscommunications within client companies.

Second, we believe that channeling incoming requests for support through the new Resource center built within Aspire will enable AspireCare to provide better service to your power users. We understand that every client issue is important, but we also understand that some may be more urgent than others. For instance, when it is time to process payroll or send out Invoices and a problem occurs, this is something that should receive highest priority for prompt attention and resolution. Requests for training in advanced modules within Aspire are also very important, but not quite so urgent. When support requests are coming in through phone calls, AspireCare is not able to prioritize these issues accordingly. Additionally, as anyone who answers phones can attest, not all incoming calls are coming from customers. By moving support 100% to the Resource Center, our team will be able to focus 100% on incoming client requests for support, providing quicker and better resolutions to the issues that are important to you.

Lastly, experience has taught us that the limitations of chats (the difficulty of explaining the question/issue in the medium of text) are almost never remedied by an audio phone call. Sometimes, the best and easiest way to express the question or issue is to jump on a zoom meeting and share your screen with us. For this reason, we will continue to utilize outgoing Zoom calls for issues that simply cannot be addressed/resolved through the resource center. We believe this will allow for multiple users to join a call, make it easier for our team to diagnose issues, and facilitate video recording for quicker escalations. We are still committed to supporting our clients with their questions, training needs, and support issues. And, we trust that this change will enable us to be even more effective in doing just that.

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