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What Are Quick Tickets Used For?

Quick tickets are an Aspire feature that lets crew leaders report time for jobs that 'pop-up' through Crew Mobile without going through the proposal process.

For example: This feature can be used for irrigation repairs where the technician is scheduled ahead of time for irrigation system inspections, but then discovers that certain T&M repairs or maintenance are required. The additional T&M repair or maintenance can be performed using the quick tickets capability.

Enabling the Quick Ticket Feature

If a user does not see this option in Crew Mobile, that means that the function is not enabled for their route in Crew Mobile. To enable:

  1. Go to the Scheduling module.

  2. Click on the triple dot menu in the upper right.

  3. Select Manage Routes.

  4. Choose a Route or create a new route by clicking New.

  5. Select the Show New Ticket box to allow crew leaders the option to create new quick tickets in Crew Mobile.

  6. Deselect the Show New Ticket box if you would like to hide the option to create new tickets in the Crew Mobile app.

Creating a Quick Ticket in Crew Mobile

The below will show you how to create a quick ticket in Crew Mobile. You can send this article instead for crews learning how to create a quick ticket through Crew Mobile.

Accepting Time From a Quick Ticket

The below video will show you how to accept time in the Time Entry screen from quick tickets created by crews in Crew Mobile.

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