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Uploading Attachments in Aspire
Uploading Attachments in Aspire

Learn about attachments, including file sizes, when attaching files on properties, opportunities, and emails!

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Aspire allows you to attach images and documents to properties, opportunities, work tickets and emails. In this article, we'll explain image attachments, their size limits, and how to set a default attachment size in Administration.

The different file categorizations available for file uploads are:

  • Design Plan,

  • Document,

  • Irrigation Map,

  • Photo,

  • Property Info, and

  • Site Plan.

Image Attachments

When images are attached, you can choose the image size as one of four values:

  • Small

  • Medium

  • Large

  • Actual Size

💡 It's a good idea to choose smaller image sizes that will still allow the image to be viewed. This is because smaller image sizes load faster on your devices when working in Aspire.

The maximum dimensions of a photo file are shown in the table below. The 'actual' size is the exact dimension of how the original photo was taken, so dimensions will vary.

File Size

Max Width X Max Height (pixels)


320 X 240


640 X 480


1632 X 1224


Determined by original

📌 Note: When Aspire reduces the size of an image, the image is always reduced proportionally so that it is not stretched out (aspect ratio).

The example below shows the size of images saved as small, medium and large for an image whose original dimensions were 3024 pixels wide by 4032 pixels. The dimensions of the small image are 180 pixels wide by 240 pixels wide.

The new image will be as large as possible while still not going above the max width or the max height values shown in the chart above.

📌 Note: If you upload above the maximum recommendation for pixels per size, Aspire will shrink the image down to fit within the image guidelines you set during the upload.

  • A good example would be an image that has more pixels than 320x240 size, but you choose to use the SMALL file size.

  • You could lose image quality (images could appear blurry, or missing detail), which is why we recommend to stay within the recommended pixel guidelines listed above.

  • In the example, to avoid this from happening, instead select the MEDIUM option and not SMALL before you upload.

File Size

⚠️ The max upload size is 30 MB per attachment for both documents and image files.

To ensure your files get uploaded correctly, reference the sizing chart below to help decide what the best default image size should be when uploading to Aspire. This reference serves as a guide to ensure you are staying within the parameters for quality image uploads:





File Size (Kilobytes)

12.9 KB

44.6 KB

247 KB


(3.6 MB)

Setting a Default Attachment Size

To set your Default Attachment Size in Aspire, we'll need to go to Administration.

  • Click the Profile Icon in the side menu and select Administration.

  • Click on Configuration in the right corner.

  • It will default to the Application subsection. Scroll to the bottom to set your Default Attachment Upload Size.

  • Pick your default size.

  • Then, Save in the upper right corner to apply your changes:

Now, when uploading files to Aspire, your default preferences will be used across the system!

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