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Swapping Work Ticket Costs
Swapping Work Ticket Costs

Why is there an option in Aspire to swap work ticket costs? Read this article to understand how to use this feature!

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If you need to swap work ticket costs in Aspire, this removes time and materials from one ticket and adds them to another ticket.

🧠 Here is an example why a work ticket swap for costs, like time and materials, might need to happen:

  • If hours on a job were estimated for a particular service, like mulch, and those hours on that work ticket were accidentally allocated to a different Mulch ticket, the hours would need to be swapped to the work ticket that was estimated for job.

This article also covers how to uncomplete work tickets to finish a work ticket swap.

Permissions Needed to Swap Work Ticket Costs

Let's start with making sure you have the correct permissions for the user role that will be swapping work ticket costs.

  • From the Home Screen, navigate to your Profile Icon and select Administration.

  • Then, click the User Management tab.

  • Select User Roles subsection.

  • Pick the user role from the drop down you want to add the permissions to swap work ticket costs.

  • Check Full Access to Schedule Board or Read Only Access to Schedule Board.

  • Check Swap Work Ticket Costs.

  • With these permissions checked for the needed user role, select the green Save icon.

Swapping Ticket Costs

There are two places you can swap work ticket costs:

  1. On the Time Entry screen in the Scheduling module

  2. The Work Ticket screen in the Work Tickets module

📌 Note: Work Tickets that will be swapped need to have a status of Open, Scheduled or Pending Approval.

Additional information on Swapping Work Ticket Costs:

  • You cannot Swap Work Ticket Costs to Internal Tickets.

  • You can Swap Work Ticket Costs back to the Work Ticket you are swapping from; make sure to remember the original Work Ticket number.

  • If the status of the ticket is Complete, you'd need to uncomplete it before you swap costs. Learn how to do that here.

From the Time Entry Screen

The second option to swap work ticket costs is located on the Time Entry screen in the Scheduling module.

  • Select the Scheduling icon in the blue side menu. Right click on the Work Ticket, then Open Time Entry.

  • Time Entry for the Work Ticket appears. On the Direct Job Time of the Work Ticket, select Swap Work Ticket Costs under the vertical 3 dots.

  • The Swap Work Ticket Costs window opens directly from Time Entry.

  • Search for your work ticket that you want the costs to be moved to.

    • This ticket also must have a status of Open, Scheduled or Pending Approval.

  • The Work Ticket Costs will be swapped immediately.

  • A notification appears at the top of Time Entry to confirm this swap was successful.

📌 Note: You will see the original work ticket on Time Entry that the costs were moved from only if you're swapping ticket costs from two tickets from the same day.

From the Work Ticket Screen

  • Select the Work Tickets module in the blue side menu.

  • To search for the exact Work Ticket that you want to use to Swap Work Ticket Costs, click the Filter icon and select:

    • Work Ticket # for Field Name,

    • Equals for Filter Type,

    • and then the work ticket number for Value.

  • Click Apply.

  • Click on the Work Ticket you need. The Work Ticket detail screen appears. Click on the three dot menu, and then select Swap Work Ticket Cost.

  • The Swap Work Ticket Costs window appears. Locate the Work Ticket that you want to swap the costs to. This ticket also must have a status of Open, Scheduled, or Pending Approval.

  • Once selected, an additional window will appear for you to confirm the swap of time and materials. Press the green Save icon to finish your steps on this screen.

  • The page will reload to the original work ticket, with a notification at the top that the work ticket costs have successfully been swapped.

🧠 You can further confirm this is completed by reviewing the Cost section of the work ticket, where everything should be listed for 0 in the Actual columns, as shown above.

Uncompleting a Work Ticket in Complete Status

If there is a work ticket that has been completed, but you still need to swap the time and materials to another work ticket, you can uncomplete the ticket.

⚠️ Things to know about uncompleting work tickets:

  • A ticket cannot be uncompleted in a closed month!

  • A ticket cannot be uncompleted if the work ticket has been invoiced.

  • To uncomplete tickets, the Complete Work Ticket Permission must be enabled in your User Role Permissions.

To uncomplete the ticket:

  • Search for the work ticket you are wanting to uncomplete in the Work Tickets module. Then, click on the work ticket in the search list.

  • From the Work Ticket screen, select the three dot menu and then select Uncomplete. Once the ticket has been moved from Complete status back to Scheduled or Pending Approval, then press the Save icon.

  • You could then use this work ticket when Swapping Work Ticket Costs following the options in the previous sections!

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