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Setting Up Sequence Numbers and Recurring Schedules
Setting Up Sequence Numbers and Recurring Schedules

Learn how scheduling, sequencing, and recurring schedules function together in Aspire

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Scheduling allows individual visits to be scheduled in Aspire. Sequencing provides a way for specifying the order of visits on a given day and route. Recurring Schedules allow the scheduling manager to simultaneously schedule multiple visits for a specified service that is associated with a selected work ticket.

How to Schedule a Work Ticket

To schedule a visit for a work ticket:

1. Select the scheduling icon on the left-hand side.

2. Click the three dots on the scheduling window and select Work Ticket List.

3. Click and hold the Drag icon and drop the desired ticket onto the appropriate route and day. Repeat as needed.


What is Sequencing?

When someone schedules multiple visits for a given route on the same day, each visit is assigned a sequence number. The sequence numbers for those visits determine the order in which the visits appear on that day and route. When the user changes the order of the visits on the scheduling board by moving them around with the mouse, Aspire renumbers the sequence numbers to enforce the specified order

How to Use Sequencing

Aspire automatically assigns a sequence number to each work ticket visit that is dropped on the schedule board.

The visit for the ticket dragged to the first position will have sequence #1, in the second position would be #2, and the third position would be #3. If the last ticket, #3, is then moved up to the top or above #1, Aspire will renumber each visit so that the order they are on the schedule board reflects the correct sequential order. The original #3 would now be #1 , the original #1 would now be #2, and the original #2 would be #3.

The sequence number can be directly specified for a selected visit by right-clicking on the visit, selecting the Edit Visit option (a), and setting the sequence number (b) within the Visit screen.

⚠️ As a best practice, Aspire recommends sequencing in increments of 10. This allows for numeric gaps between two visits if a new visit should need to be added later.

If the sequence numbers for three visits have been modified to #10, #20, and #30, adding or moving any ticket on the route’s day using “drag and drop” into the middle of the available visit plaques will reset the sequence numbers to #1, #2, and #3.

To avoid the system automatically resetting the modified sequence numbers (#10, #20, #30), do not use the drag and drop method to schedule additional tickets.

To add a visit without disrupting the modified sequence numbers, single click on the work ticket (a) in the Work Ticket Search List on the right. Once inside the Work Ticket screen, click the grey plus (b) next to visits in the center.

Manually select the route, date, and desired sequence number (c), and then click saved. If the newly added ticket should fall between #10 and #20, the new visit should have a sequence number of #15.

Recurring Schedule

To establish recurring schedules for a set of services whose recurrence starts on a specific route and day, drag and drop the first occurrence of each service onto the appropriate route and day.

For each visit, select Edit Visit. Set the desired sequence # in increments of ten and save. Once all work ticket visits have been sequenced properly, right-click on the top work ticket and select “Edit Recurring Schedule” (a).

Verify that route (b), recurring type, day of the week, week of the month, the month of the year, and sequence # are set as desired. Press the Save icon.

The Save Schedule and Reschedule/Generate Visit screen (c) will prompt you to suggest the date to begin the update. Adjust this date to the date that the first occurrence should be scheduled.

Next, select the occurrence on which to begin the recurring schedule – this should be the first available occurrence. Checking the View Schedule option is encouraged.

⚠️ However, when the Work Ticket Schedule screen is displayed DO NOT select the Save icon – select the Back button (Internet browser back button).

IMPORTANT: Clicking the Save icon on the Work Ticket Schedule screen, initiates a different scheduling mechanism that overrides the starting occurrence number. You should only click Save if you intentionally changed the schedule on the Work Ticket Schedule screen.

Repeat until all services have their recurring schedule set. The recurring icon will appear in the bottom left of any visit plaque that has a recurring schedule set to identify that it has been set

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