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Setting Up Sequence Numbers and Recurring Schedules
Setting Up Sequence Numbers and Recurring Schedules

Learn how scheduling, sequencing, and recurring schedules function together in Aspire!

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Aspire allows the flexibility to schedule on an individual level or in a sequence. Sequencing provides a way for setting the order of visits on a certain day and route.

Recurring Schedules allow the scheduling manager to simultaneously schedule multiple visits for a service that is associated with a selected work ticket.


✅In order to access and use the Scheduling module and Sequencing, you’ll need Full Access to the Schedule Board added to your user role.

How to Schedule a Work Ticket

To access sequencing you will need to add a work ticket to the Schedule Board. To schedule a visit for a work ticket:

  • Navigate to the Scheduling module in the blue side menu.

  • Click the three dots in the Schedule Board and select Work Ticket List, or select the clipboard icon to open the Work Ticket List.

  • Click, drag and drop the ticket onto your route and day of the week you’d like to service the property. Repeat as needed.

Scheduling Work Tickets Using Sequencing

Sequencing in Aspire helps you schedule multiple visits for a route on the same day and each visit is assigned a Sequence Number. The sequence numbers for those visits determine the order in which the visits appear on that day and route.

When you change the order of the visits on the schedule board, Aspire renumbers the sequence numbers in the order you choose.

How to Use Sequencing

Aspire automatically assigns a sequence number to each work ticket visit that is added to the schedule board.​

💡The visit for the ticket dragged to the first position will have sequence 1, in the second position would be 2, and the third position would be 3.

  • If the last ticket in position 3 is then moved up to the top to position 1, Aspire will renumber each visit so that the order they are on the schedule board reflects the correct order.

    • The original visit in sequence position 3 would now be in position 1. The original visit in 1 would now be visit 2, and the original visit 2 would now be visit 3!

  • The sequence number can be set for a selected visit. Right-click on the scheduled visit, and choose Edit Visit.

  • Set the sequence number on the Visit Details screen.

⚠️ Aspire recommends sequencing in increments of 10. This allows for numeric gaps between two visits if a new visit needs to be added later.

Recurring Schedule

As you learn sequencing, you can begin to think about if you want to use recurring scheduling.

To set up recurring schedules, drag and drop the first occurrence of each service onto the correct route and day. Part of setting up recurring schedules is to use a sequence! Right click on the visit and select Edit Recurring Schedule.

The Job Service Schedule appears, which allows you to set your recurring schedule for your work ticket visits.

If you select the View Schedule checkbox on this screen and then select Save, the Recurring Schedule Calendar will appear for you to review the planned visit dates for your job:

To apply your Recurring Schedule, select Save.

📑To review our recurring schedule article, please click here. To learn more about Recurring Schedules with Multiple Visits and Routes, click here.

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