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How to Use Prefixes To Search For Schedule Board Work Tickets
How to Use Prefixes To Search For Schedule Board Work Tickets

Using prefixes can be a handy way to quickly get the scheduling information you need!

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How to Use Prefixes

Before you try to look through your work ticket list for Scheduling, remember S.T.O.P.! Prefixes can be used the search term to quickly identify the service number, work ticket, opportunity, or property you need.

S- Service Number
T- (Work) Ticket

O- Opportunity

P- Property

You can use a prefix to narrow your search criteria just like as you do in the System Search field in the Aspire Tool Bar (shown below).

For example, if you want to search for all work tickets with opportunity #586, you will click the clipboard in the top right.

Enter “o 586” in the search field of the Work Ticket List, and press the Enter key. All work tickets that are connected to Opportunity #586 will appear based on your filter and display settings.

List of Prefixes and Search Fields

The following table specifies the prefixes and identifies which field they search. Only these four fields can be searched using the search field.


Search Field



Service Number

Work tickets with Service Name containing the specified text

(i.e. “s mulch” returns work tickets with service name “Mulch work” and “Plant with mulch”).

This value does not look at the Service Display Name or the Service Abbreviation.


Ticket Number

Work tickets with Ticket Number containing the specified digits

(i.e. “t 35” returns work tickets with work ticket numbers 13546 and 35678)


Opportunity Number

Work tickets with Opportunity Number containing the specified digits

(i.e. “o 24” returns work tickets with opportunity numbers 3324 and 24716)


(or no prefix)

Property Name

Work tickets with Property Name containing the specified text

(i.e. “p Sam” or "Sam" returns work tickets with property names including “Sam‘s Sewing Services” and “Rocksam Restaurant”)

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