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Fixing Item Allocations with Unknown Inventory Location
Fixing Item Allocations with Unknown Inventory Location

Learn why it's important to set your branch to have a default inventory location! This issue can be solved in this article.

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Is your the inventory location showing as "Unknown" in the Work Ticket Costs screen? This article helps answer why this is happening to your work tickets! We also show specific ways to fix a couple different issues.


To see the items that have been allocated to a job, first, click into a work ticket. Then, click the Actual Material's number.

The Work Ticket Costs screen will appear. Click the side arrow on the left of the line.

You will now see the purchase receipts or inventory the material was allocated from.

If your allocation is listed as Unknown, it will show like the below:

Why Does 'Unknown' Appear Under My Allocations?

Two reasons:

  1. The default inventory location is not set for the branch!

  2. Crew leaders, that are assigned to that same branch, are then allocating the material from inventory to the job using Crew Mobile.

🧠 If the crew leader allocates items to the job, but the branch associated with the property does not have a default inventory location, Aspire sets the inventory location to Unknown. This is because Aspire does not know where the allocation is coming from.

How To Fix This Issue

Set Default Inventory Location For The Branch

To start, go to the Purchasing module➡️ Inventory tab ➡️ click on the Inventory Location record.

Once you are in the inventory location, check the Default Location checkbox.

Then, click Save.

Add Inventory Location from Time Entry

When office staff accepts the time and items for the job on the Time Entry screen as shown below, the “Unknown” is replaced with the inventory location selected as shown below:

This should resolve this issue.

⚠️ However, if the crew leader allocates the items on a different day where they have not logged any time on the job, then the item allocation cannot be accepted in Time Entry and can't be assigned to an inventory location in the Time Entry screen.

To fix this scenario:

  1. Go to the Work Tickets module and select the ticket.

  2. Click into the Material Actual Cost number.

  3. The Work Ticket Costs screen will appear. After you click the drop-down, it will show your item allocations.

  4. Set the actual quantity for the unknown item to zero (0). This deletes the item allocation. Write down the information about the allocation so it can be recreated accurately.

  5. Then, add the item back manually by clicking the Allocate Items icon at the top of the Work Ticket Costs screen.

  6. You will then select the Inventory Location where the needed item is located. Select the item and choose the matching quantity and allocation date.

  7. It will then be corrected and show the Inventory Location that was selected. You can now go back to Time Entry and accept the material allocation.

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