Revenue Variance
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Over/under on the End of Month report is the reconciliation (or difference) between invoiced and earned revenue in Aspire.

There are times when a contract with a fixed payment invoice type in Aspire will have an over/under that does not show a zero balance on the End of Month report – even when a contract has ended. This can be because a customer made a payment before you started invoicing and earning revenue for that contract in Aspire. It can also occur because a contract was cancelled.

Revenue variance adjustment capability was added in Aspire to allow you to show the over/under for a contract as zero at the completion of each contract year or upon completion or cancellation of the contract. Once you have enabled the feature, Aspire will automatically make variance adjustments as described below.

This article explains:

  • How Aspire makes variance adjustments

  • How to enable variance adjustments

  • How variance adjustments are reflected in the End of Month report

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