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Changing Accounting Systems? Start Here!
Changing Accounting Systems? Start Here!

This procedure will make changing accounting systems more seamless, and ensure that all the steps have been completed.

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If you're considering changing accounting systems, the list below can be used as a comprehensive checklist to make sure that your syncs are updated and transactions are posted where they need to be.

Table of Contents

Preliminary Setup

  • Choose a date for the purchase receipts to start going to the new Accounting System. This date will be a cut-off date for not entering new purchase receipts.

  • Process all new and received Purchase Receipts through to the current accounting system before the new sync. Any purchase receipts attached to a vendor before the sync, will not send after the sync. All the current vendors will need to be inactivated before the new sync.

  • There will possibly be a period-of-time after the cut-off date that old purchase receipts will still need to be processed to accounting. Do not enter any purchase receipts to be processed into the new accounting system. They should not be entered until after the sync. After the sync, the vendors from the new accounting system will be in Aspire.

  • Once all the Purchase Receipts created prior to the new sync are processed, inactivate all current vendors by going to Administration ➡️ Application ➡️ Lists ➡️ Vendors.

    • You will need to manually go into each vendor record to deactivate by clicking the Active slider.

  • All payments & deposits that need to be sent to the current accounting system will need to be done before the sync. Payment and deposits that will be sent to the new accounting system can be entered in Aspire before the sync. They will be sent to the new accounting system after the sync.


  • For QuickBooks Desktop, obtain a Web Connector password from Aspire Care

  • For QuickBooks Online, no password from Aspire is needed

  • For Acumatica, obtain a Web Service Address & Password from Acumatica consultant. Redo the information at Administration > Pencil > Accounting sync tab

    • Choose correct Accounting system to Integrate to

    • Fill in accounting #’s or choose (if QB Online)

    • For Acumatica, enter the Web Service Address & Password

  • Add a customer called ‘Aspire System'


  1. Run the new sync so new vendors will populate in Aspire

  2. Send all deposits to new accounting system

  3. Create new purchase receipts in Aspire and test one to the new accounting system

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