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Receiving Partial Quantity and Creating Backorders in Aspire
Receiving Partial Quantity and Creating Backorders in Aspire

Backorders on a Purchase Receipt can be created by following these steps!

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While you hope that your vendors give you everything you need when you need it, that isn't always the case. In this article, we quickly show how to create a backorder in Aspire by receiving partial quantities.

How to Create a Backorder

  • Navigate to the Purchasing module.

  • Click on the Purchase Receipts tab at the top.

  • From there, search for the needed purchase receipt you need to backorder from. Click into the purchase receipt.

  • Click on the three dot menu in the top right-hand corner next to Save and select Receive Partial.

A window will pop-up:

  • Select the date when the partial amount was received

  • Add in the quantity that you physically received from the vendor in Item Quantity

  • Click Save

  • Another pop-up will ask if you want to create a Back Order. Click the green yes button to continue.

  • A second Receipt will be created with the same original receipt number with a sub number added to the end (ex. 567–1 or 567-2).

Receiving in a Backorder

  • In the original or sub purchase receipt, click in the three dot menu in the upper right and select View Backorders. You will see the below screen.

  • Clicking on the backordered receipt number, you can then receive the Back Order like you would a regular purchase receipt.

📌 Note: If the vendor still gave another partial delivery, you can create another back order from the sub purchase receipt by using the triple dot menu and selecting Receive Partial.

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