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📌 Note: This article only applies if you have Default Schedule of Values to % vs. Dollars checked on the Application subsection in Configuration (Administration ➡️ Configuration ➡️ Application)

As you may know, Fixed Price Open Billing opportunities need to have a Schedule of Values set up on the estimate to bill properly. (Learn more about Schedule of Values here in Aspire User Guide.)

Aspire initially creates a Schedule of Values that ties payments to each service. Later, when you create the invoice from the Invoicing Assistant, Aspire will require you to specify a percentage to bill.

If you don't want to invoice a service based on a percentage, but instead on dollar amount, then you will have to change the Schedule of Values on the estimate on the opportunity.

Editing the Schedule of Values on the Estimate

We'll be changing the Schedule of Values on the estimate after the opportunity is ready to invoice. However, you will get the ability to change the Schedule of Values on the estimate during the bidding status.

To do this:

1. Navigate to your work order opportunity ( 🏆 )

2. Click Estimate

3. Click on the triple dot menu in the upper right. Then click Edit Schedule of Values.

4. Change the Unit Price and Quantity values around to reflect dollar amounts. This screen may look different when first setting up an estimate.

In this example, the unit price of $15,151,07 would be moved to the Quantity field. The Quantity field would be moved to the Unit Price field.

5. Click Save.

Creating the Invoice After Editing the Schedule of Values

When invoicing, depending on how each Schedule of Values line was setup for the opportunity, you will either decide the percentage to bill or you will specify the quantity equivalent to the amount you want to bill.

To do this:

1. In the Invoicing module, search for your Fixed Price Open Billing Invoice in Invoicing Assistant. Click on the invoice.

2. Once in the invoice, click the New button and select Add Invoice.

3. In the Schedule of Values screen, enter the quantity amount that you want to charge the customer in the Amount This Invoice field. This should only apply to the services were changed as shown above (Quantity and Unit Price fields were switched).

For example, if you wanted to bill $6,000 of the estimated Hardscape install (first line), you would put 6,000 in the Amount This Invoice field.

📌 Note: For the irrigation and plant install, lines 2 and 3, these are still considered percentage amounts since the Quantity is 1 and the Unit Price is the total dollar value of that service. In the Amount This Invoice Field, you would enter the decimal version of the percentage you would like to bill (25% = .25).

4. Click Save. A pop-up window will appear. If the date and total amount look correct, click Save again. This will create an invoice batch that can be sent to the customer.

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