How to Change Contracts in Aspire

Learn how to make changes to your existing contract opportunities!

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It's common for contracts to need changes while the work is in progress. Aspire allows you to revise a contract and apply those revisions to future work, while keeping a history of the work already completed under the previous contract terms.

With Aspire, you can add new services to a contract, edit existing services, or remove services entirely!

You can also change the details of existing services, such as changing the number of service visits/occurrences or swapping out specific materials used for that service.

This article covers how Aspire makes it easy to transition to new contract terms by revising the existing contract, rather than having to create an entirely new contract from scratch!

⚠️ If you need to change the number of service visits/occurrences, Aspire recommends creating a brand new contract to replace the old one, rather than using the contract revision feature. Changing visit counts with revisions is not recommended.

Understanding the Workflow of a Contract Change

The following steps summarize the process for making changes to an active contract in Aspire:

  1. Initiate the contract change

  2. Make changes to the contract services (add services, remove services, modify services)

  3. Win the contract changes

📌Note: This cycle may occur multiple times throughout the life of the contract. During any particular change cycle, multiple individual changes can be made to a contract’s services.

A good example of this is that you could add two services, remove one service, and change several item costs associated with another service – all within the timeframe of a single contract change cycle.

Each time you complete a contract change, a new contract revision is created. The revision is maintained within the single contract, so the contract continues to be tracked under its original Opportunity Number.

The original contract is considered to be revision zero (0) with successive revisions being in numerical order (v.1, v.2, v.3, etc.)

🧠When looking at the estimate for a job that has undergone contract revisions, Aspire allows you to see the revision history for the services on the contract.


✅To access Opportunities to make changes, you would need either View Opportunities or View Only My Opportunities added to your user role.

✅If you need to make a change on a Contract, you need to have Change Contract Opportunity added to your user role.

Creating a Contract Change

Contract changes are performed on the Opportunity screen by selecting the Change option in the three dot menu.

The Change option is only available if:

  • The opportunity has a job status of In Process.

  • The opportunity has no revisions or the current opportunity revision is still active.

When you select Change on the Opportunity screen for a job that is in process, Aspire displays the Change Opportunity box that requires you to set a start date for the revision.

As you begin to make your change, keep the following in mind:

  • The New Revision Start Date must be later than the latest Opportunity Start Date or the Active Revision Start Date.

  • The New Revision Start Date must be before the Opportunity End Date.

🧠 If you are changing an opportunity that has an active revision, the Active Revision Start Date would also be displayed.

To proceed with the contract change, click the Save icon. To cancel the contract change, click the Cancel icon.

Each revision created for your opportunities is assigned a revision number starting with v.1. Your original estimate details will be displayed with v.0 next to them!

Changes Pending Status

After you Save, Aspire creates a contract revision for the opportunity, and sets the Revision Status to Changes Pending. The Revision Status remains in Changes Pending status until the contract revision is won or canceled.

An important thing to know is that it is not mandatory that you make price adjustments immediately; you can leave the Estimate screen, and go back later to make the changes.​

For the contracts that have changes pending, Aspire removes the following options from the three dot menu, which are normally available for the Opportunity:

  • Renew

  • Change

  • Cancel

  • Copy

  • Reset to Bidding

  • Save as Template

🧠This is because these options should not be used while contract changes are pending!

When a revision is in Pending status, you will be able to apply the following updates to the contract:

These will be discussed later on in the article, or skip to those sections by clicking on the above bullet points! 👆

Making Contract Revisions

When you are ready, you can go back to the Estimate screen to make your adjustments to services.

You can do this by selecting the receipt icon on the estimate screen, or by clicking the Estimate subtab:


Important Things to Know About Making Revisions

📌 Note: Until you win the revision, you can go back to the Estimates screen to apply additional updates.

⚠️ It's important to understand that over the period of time during which you are making changes to the contract, Aspire will still allow your company to schedule and complete active tickets associated with the Contract based on the existing contract version rather than the new version whose changes are pending.

This period of time can be anywhere from a few minutes to multiple days to even weeks. By the time you are ready to Win the changes, tickets may have been completed that you had originally intended to change.​

For services that you added to the contract, Aspire will generate new tickets as if the contract had just been won. They will be displayed with anew version number.

Aspire will notify you when you try to win the contract, but may not allow you to complete the winning of the contract.

🧠 Being aware of these potential conflicts can help you to adjust your business processes accordingly.

It’s a good idea to communicate within your organization when a contract is being changed so that work tickets are not in use while the change is being updated in Aspire.

👇 Below, we discuss the different types of contract revisions that can be made while completing a contract change!

Adding a New Service

When the estimate is in pending status, the plus icon (+) will be available to the left of every opportunity service, just like it is when estimating during Bidding.

  • Clicking the + icon will add a new service to the estimate and its revision number will appear:

  • Select a service from the drop down to add it to your estimate.

📌 Note: Any services added are considered pending and will show green bars on the sides until the revision has been won.

  • If you need to remove a service or service item that is still in pending status, you can do this by clicking the vertical three dots next to GM% and Profit, and your green line item will be removed.

Removing An Active Service

As you complete your contract changes, you can delete existing services if they are no longer needed for your customer’s estimate. When the estimate is in Pending status, the vertical three dot menu will be available to the right of each active service.

🧠Individual items or kits, underneath an active service, can not be deleted without deleting the parent service, so they do not have a three dot menu!

  • To remove an existing active service and all items under it, click the three dot icon on the service line.

  • A window will appear allowing you to select Change or Delete.

  • A confirmation dialog window will be displayed. Clicking Confirm will delete the service.

  • Any services deleted, and the items underneath them, are considered pending and will be highlighted by red bars until the revision has been won.

  • Until the revision has been won, the deletion may be undone by clicking the three dot icon next to the deleted service.

Editing An Active Service With Multiple Occurrences

Sometimes, you might have to change a service with multiple occurrences. You can do this in Aspire, even if some of your multiple occurrence tickets have been used.

The service in this example for Monthly Mowing at Camille’s Oasis has 12 occurrences.

When the change is for a multi-occurrence service, Aspire will have you select the ticket on which the change begins by giving a dropdown list of tickets that are in an Open or Scheduled status.

  • Select any ticket in the list and changes you make will be applied to that ticket and all that follow it in the list.

Once you have selected the right ticket occurrence, click the Save icon . On the estimate screen, the changed service will display with yellow ends.

In our example, two versions of the service will be shown:

  • The estimated service before the change is shown as v.0

  • The new changed service to be used after the contract change is won is shown here as v.1.

Now, you can make changes to the individual fields for the new version of the service and to its items.

Fixing the Starting Ticket for a Service Revision

You can change the starting work ticket as needed, until you win the contract change.

  • To do this after setting the starting work ticket, on the estimate screen, click on the service to display the Service Details screen.

  • The Begin Change on Work Ticket field shows the ticket occurrence you selected when you made your change.

  • Select from the drop-down, the new ticket on which changes should begin. Click the Save icon in the top right corner to apply the new work ticket changes.

Lowering the Amount of Occurrences For a Service

If you reduce the number of occurrences for a service, when you win the changes, Aspire will cancel the number of open or scheduled tickets to bring the total occurrences in line with the new number of occurrences.

⚠️ It’s recommended that you avoid changing the number of service occurrences using a contract change. If it is necessary to change the number of occurrences, it is recommended that you cancel the original contract and create a new contract to replace it.

🧠Make sure that there are a sufficient number of open or scheduled tickets for Aspire to cancel, otherwise you will receive an error when you try to win the changes.

📌 Note: You cannot delete a service with pending changes. If you decide to delete the service, you will first have to undo the changes.

Relocating Optional Services and Active Services

While changes are Pending for a job, you can change active services into optional services or optional services into active services.

When you need to change an Optional Service ➡️ Active Service, and also when you change an Active Service ➡️ Optional Service, Aspire requires you to physically move the locations of your services on the Estimate details screen!

Here’s a good example of this:

To change your Optional Service to an Active Service, place your cursor over the symbol to the left of the version number. The cursor will display as four arrows pointing outward.

  • Click and drag the optional service up into the area with the other active services. The change will be reflected in the Estimate screen!

  • Similarly, Active Services can be changed into Optional Services by moving the active service down to the Optional Service area:

  • You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to change the service:

  • After confirming, you’ll see that your service has been duplicated to a new revision number, and displayed into the Optional Services section of the estimate.

🧠Reminder: The yellow highlighted line items are letting you know that you have pending changes!

Additional Pending Estimate Options

While a job is in a Pending status, Aspire changes the menu options available at the top right of the Estimate screen. The following options are in the three dot menu for all contracts:

  • Win Contract Change

  • Edit Contract Change

  • Undo Contract Change

  • Edit Payment Schedule

  • Pricing Summary

  • Print Estimate Sheet

  • Print Proposal

  • Email Proposal

Win Contract Change

Selecting the Win Contract Change option will lock in all changes applied to the contract. When you select this option, Aspire will check if:

  • There are enough open or scheduled tickets for Aspire to cancel when altering occurrences, if there aren’t, you will receive an error when you try to win the changes.

  • If there was a price change for the service, Aspire will check that all tickets following the selected starting ticket for the change are in either an Open or Scheduled status.

⚠️ If any of these conditions are not met, Aspire will display an error message. You won’t be able to apply the changes until you have corrected the error.

🧠If everything is checked and passes, if the opportunity is Fixed Payment invoice type, you’ll be able to update and save the Payment Schedule to fully win the change.

Aspire will create, update or cancel tickets associated with that contract based on changes that you have applied:

  • Removed Services – For services that you removed or for services that were changed from Active to Optional, Aspire will cancel any tickets that are in the Open or Scheduled status and have no Time or Materials recorded.

    • Aspire will also set the status of removed services to Inactive. In the Estimate screen after the change has been won, Aspire will continue to display inactive services, but they will be grayed out.

  • Added Services – For services that you added to the contract, Aspire will generate new tickets as if the contract had just been won. They will be displayed with the new version number.

  • Updated Services – For updated services, Aspire will move any tickets that are in the Open or Scheduled status starting with the one that you set to the new version.

If you entered changes to existing services, Aspire will update them based on the actions you made in your change:

  • Increase Number of Occurrence – If you increased the number of occurrences on any service for the contract, Aspire will add tickets based on the new number of occurrences. Aspire will set the Anticipated StartDate of these newly created tickets to the Anticipated Start Date of the last previously existing ticket.

  • Decrease Number of Occurrences – If you decrease the number of occurrences for any service for the contract, Aspire will cancel a number of open or scheduled tickets starting with the last ticket to bring the total occurrences in line with the new number of occurrences.

💡In the example below, because the service for Monthly Mowing was decreased from 12 occurrences to 10, visits 11 and 12 were automatically canceled when the Contract Change was won.

  • Price and Item Changes – If you applied price changes to any service on the contract, then Aspire will change the price on all existing tickets beginning with the occurrence that you chose. Item changes will be applied to the items for the new tickets as well!

In the Estimate screen after the change has been won, Aspire will continue to display the version of the service as it existed before the change, but the previous version will be grayed out.

Expanding the earlier version services will still allow you to see the underlying items and kits for the inactive version of the service.

Edit Contract Change

Selecting the Edit Contract Change option will reopen the Change Opportunity dialog box shown when you started the change. You can update the revision start date here as needed during your contract change.

Undo Contract Change

Selecting the Undo Contract Change option will remove all pending service additions, deletions, or changes from the contract and remove the contract from Change Pending status.

Updating the Payment Schedule on Fixed Payment Contracts

When you initially create a contract estimate with a Fixed Payment invoice type is completed, Aspire requires you to create a payment schedule that will create invoices in Invoicing Assistant at specific times.

When you change a contract, Aspire requires you to update the payment schedule to reflect any changes to cost for ongoing customer payments. Update the payment schedule by clicking the Edit Payment Schedule icon.

After confirming that you wish to Win the changes, if you have not already updated the payment schedule, Aspire will automatically bring up the Edit Payment Schedule screen so that you can change the new payment schedule.

When you save the changes by clicking the Save icon, Aspire will complete winning the contract changes.

If you click the Cancel icon, Aspire will not complete the winning of the changes and the changes will still be pending.

Using the Pricing Summary

The Pricing Summary screen shows financial information for the contract as if changes have been applied. This means that deleted services or prior versions of new services are not included.

Navigate to the Pricing Summary by clicking the three dot menu at the top of the Estimate screen and selecting Pricing Summary.

The Pricing Summary for your contract allows you to review the expected cost and margin that includes the new estimate changes before winning the contract change:

Print Estimate Sheet

This option allows you to generate a summary of all material and labor costs on the estimate.

This estimate sheet is mostly used to confirm pricing with vendors before delivering the bid to the customer.

Choosing this option will display a window that allows you to select the report layout. Estimate Sheet layouts are able to be configured by submitting a layout request to AspireCare.

📑To look into options for your Estimate Sheet layouts, click here!

Printing Proposals with Changes

Contracts can be printed from the Print Proposal option in the three dot menu.

There are two options to the Report Settings dialog window that will allow you to modify the proposal that the system generates:

  • Opportunity Revision Through

    • Allows you to specify the revision upon which the generated proposal should be based. For example, specifying revision 1 indicates that the proposal should be based on the second revision.

  • Include Revision History

    • This checkbox allows you to decide if the generated proposal should include line items from versions of the contract prior to the revision indicated in the Opportunity Revision Through field.

Renewing Changed Contracts

When you renew a contract that has changes, the renewal is created based on the most recent revision of the contract. If, for example, you are renewing a contract that has a mowing service v.0 that was replaced by mowing service v.1, Aspire will apply the v.1 mowing service to the revision.

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