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Using the Renewal Report for Contracts
Using the Renewal Report for Contracts

The Contract Renewal report is designed to manage your renewals on active contracts!

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  • Click on the Reports module on the left side of the home screen.

  • Next, click on the Standard Reports subsection.

  • Under the Sales section, select the Contract Renewals report.

Overview of Report

The report provides a cut-off date field at the top that allows you to specify the timeframe for considering contracts for renewal as further described below.

The date initially defaults the cut-off date to 45 days before the current date.

A contract must meet the following conditions to be listed on this report:

  • Start date is in the past

  • And one of the following is true:

    • Contract does not have an end date

    • Renewal date is not prior to the cut-off date

    • End date is not prior to the cut-off date

The image below shows an example of the Contract Renewal Report.

All fields from Property to Days Remaining are related to the original contract which is under consideration for renewal.

The Renew Status and Renew Amount columns are related to the renewed contract that is based on the original.

These fields only have values for contracts that have been renewed. A renewal is defined as the next contract, based on start date, which shares the same Master Contract Number as the active contract.

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