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Creating Inventory Locations
Creating Inventory Locations

Learn why inventory locations are important and how to create them!

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What is an Inventory Location?

Inventory locations are where your materials are stored to be used later for jobs. This is separate from job inventory.

❗ An Inventory location must be set up in Aspire even if one will not be used to store materials. You will not be able to accept time if your company does not create any inventory locations.


⚠️ To create an inventory location, you must have System Admin permissions.


  1. Starting from the home screen, using the blue side menu, click on the Purchasing module.

2. Click on the Inventory tab in the top menu. A list of current inventory locations will appear if some are already set up. Click the blue New button to create a new inventory location.

3. Enter in a name for the inventory location and select the branch that is associated with that location. For example, the name should be specific enough that if more locations are added in the future, they can be identified as different locations.

For example: St. Louis Yard, St. Louis Branch

4. Enter the physical address, city, state, and zip of the inventory location.

5. If this will be the branch's default inventory location, check the box.

For example, in the Time Entry Screen, St. Louis Yard would default as the inventory location when accepting time or allocating materials if the crew's route was tied to the St. Louis Branch.

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