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Crew Mobile App Device Reauthorization
Crew Mobile App Device Reauthorization

Has your device been unauthorized? Find out why and how to reauthorize your device!

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How Does Unauthorization Occur?

There are three ways the Crew Mobile app can become unauthorized.

1. Device Deactivated in Administration

System Administrators have access to Manage Devices (icon) and Manage Users (icon), where they can manually deactivate individual devices.

2. Manually Reset Crew Mobile

Apple (iOS) and Android devices can both reset the Crew Mobile app, which can be useful when assigning the device to a different crew leader.

3. Reinstalled Crew Mobile

If the Crew Mobile app is uninstalled, then when it is reinstalled, reauthorization will be required.

📌 Note: The Crew Mobile app is not accessed through a browser, and therefore not dependent upon browser cookies to remain authorized.

Reauthorizing Your Device for Crew Mobile

Instructions are provided below for reauthorizing Apple (iOS) devices and for Android devices.

Apple (iOS) Reauthorization

1. From the Homescreen, click into Settings

2. Scroll down and click into the Aspire Crew Mobile app

3. Slide the Reset switch so that it turns green (on)

Android Reauthorization

Steps may differ slightly depending on the device’s Android version.

1. From the Settings screen, click into Apps & Notifications

2. Scroll down and click the Aspire Crew Mobile app

3. Click the Storage option

4. Click the Clear Storage button

Notice for Device Security Systems

It has been observed that mobile device management/security systems (e.g. Hexnode, ManageEngine, etc.) can be setup to automatically delete app data, which could also cause the app to require regular reauthorization. See your internal IT support to ensure app data is not being deleted.

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