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  • You must have System Admin access or

  • Branch Admin access with Enhanced Branch Security checked.

    • (To do this go to Administration ➡️ Configuration ➡️ Application)


  1. Prior to creating an opportunity in Aspire, Pricing Mark-ups will need to be set. In order to do this, select Settings then Administration.

2. Select the Estimating tab then the Pricing Mark-Ups subsection.

3. If there are any pricing mark-ups entered in your system, you will see them listed here. To add a new Pricing Mark-up, select the blue New button in the top right.

4. A new line will appear at the top of the list with all percentages listed as 0.

5. Select the Branch where the Pricing will affect. If a Branch is not selected, then the Pricing will affect all Branches.

6. Select the Division where the Pricing will affect. Division pricing allows for differences between each division.

7. Select the Service Type that the Pricing will affect. Service Type pricing allows for differentiation within divisions by service types.

8. Enter in the percent markup for Labor, Material, Equipment, Sub and Other.

Example: If labor costs $12.00 an hour, then Aspire will calculate to $24.00 with a 100% markup. When entering in any number, Aspire will add a red triangle in the cell. This indicates that the pricing has not been set.

9. Enter in the percent Net Profit. This profit is added to the selected items (Labor, Material, Rental Equipment, Sub and Other) on the Estimate.

Example: If labor costs $12.00 an hour, then Aspire will calculate to $24 with a 100% markup. If your desired Net Profit is 10%, then Aspire adds a 10% Net Profit by dividing the $24.00 Markup Price by 0.9 (1-Net Profit %) to produce a Sales Price of 26.67.

10. When complete, select Save.

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